Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her.

Christmas is creeping up on us all,and not a moment too soon for me personally! I'm in love with the atmosphere,the family gatherings,the food.The presents and gifts take up a big chunk of creativity too,so I hope this guide will help you out! I'll be doing this guide in three parts - Women,Men and Kid & Teens!

Starting off with prezzie's for the special ladies in your life - Wives,Girlfriends,Mums,Grandmas,Daughters,Sisters,Nieces & Aunts.We all know that women can be picky,I can vouch for that myself! So finding the perfect gift is essential.If your chosen lady is a fiend for pink and all things girly or even just the finer things,why not consider some of these options?

- Bath sets,Scented soaps,Bath bombs,Lotions.- Try LUSH for a wide range of epic,cheap bathtime treats.There's something for everyone!

- Perfumes. -  Cheap Smells sell a massive variety of perfumes,for up to 85% off the designer brands,like Vera Wang,Estee Lauder,Armani,Givenchy,Calvin Klein,Prada and all of their favourite Celeb scents.Ordering by the 19th of Dec 2012 gives you free delivery!

- Beauty boxes - Soap & Glory have some cracking cosmetic gift bags and packs if you're on a budget. Benefit wow us with the easy-to-transport kits,brilliant for on the go prettying! Found in selected UK Debenham stores & Boots.Online in the US,as well as being stocked at Sephora and Ulta. MAC Cosmetics always showcase a brilliant spread of festive beauty treats,this year with their Glamour Daze Holiday collection.Spend over £30 for free delivery.

-Skin care - I can highly reccomend Burt's Bees from personal experience.Their skincare range along with the exceptional lip balms will make the perfect gifts for the big day,without breaking the bank!

-Nail varnish sets,Manicure sets - If it's nail polish you're after for your lucky gal,try Models Own's Christmas Shop tab,which has a variation of sets,glitters to metallics to matte shades,perfect if you want that something extra in their stocking this year.They even stock manicure deals,lipsticks and makeup brushes. Nails Inc also stock beautiful colours,with their new Bling It On glitter caviars!

- Candles - Don't feel the need to shell out on candle gifts - Check out the Scented Candle Shop for amazing bargains,on brands like Yankee Candles,Bolsius and WoodWick.They sell festive,themed candles too,perfect for home decoration.

-Watches - If it's high end tickers you're looking for,scour The Watch Hut for Michael Kors,DKNY,Sekonda and Fossil watches.Awesome 'main' presents for the girls,minus the heart-stopping price tags.Free UK shipping!

-Jewellery - Jewellery was made to be expensive,there's no doubt about it.No expense can be spared over this,right? Wrong. H.Samuel's Christmas Shop features sales galore.Diamonds are no longer out of reach of us normal people!  Ernest Jones are also providing gift sets with epic prices,up to 25% off! Regal Rose is definately one for the style concious,with themed pieces of jewellery,which cater for the alternative fashions such as Vintage,Tribal,Hippy and Rocker.

- Clothing - Clothing and shoes for women is extremely selective.Make sure you know what style she's into before buying,once you've found that,it's easy as pie! Try asos for stylish,up to date pieces.Take a peek into Matalan's closet this season,for sparkly trends! For the best bargains,visit Forever 21's sale pages.

- Miscellaneous Gifts - Can't find what you're looking for? Have a look at the Boots website for wacky,novel and cheap ideas.You can even find gift experiences,such as spa days! Find hot water bottles with animal faces,tea cups with candles in,jellybeans,notebooks,fashion keyrings,paperweights and even cosy mittens here!

I hope this guide For Her was helpful and inspired some ideas - keep an eye out for the next gift guide For Him.Happy christmas shopping!!


Saturday, 24 November 2012

The big day is not far away!

I can't believe how quickly November is speeding happy that's it's going anyway,to make way for Christmas month - December! :D

Now I'm a real toddler and magpie at Christmas. (or Yule as I tend to call it.) I can't resist the shimmery,glimmery,shiney,sparkly,glittery colours of the season! I expect my next trip to Plymouth to be filled with festive cosmetic shopping,along with a few clothing items - from Primark of course,I'm a sucker for bargains.

As for decorations,I finally decided on a theme for my bedroom.Strangely,I'll be heading in the direction of soft pinks,whites and silvers this year.I think I may have been inspired by Elle Fowler's bedroom. (AllThatGlitters21) I've got some pearl and white feathered fairy lights up already,and am hoping to get some more of them to hang around my room.Silver tinsel,methinks!

I'll be feeding my shiney-shiney obsession right up until the big day itself,which I can't wait for.Prezzie shopping should be fun too!

Keep an eye out for a christmas gift guide <3

x ~ x

Monday, 19 November 2012

GLOSSYBOX Stocking Fillers edition - It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..

I've been to so many carnivals and christmas light switch-ons lately! It's starting to get all festive and wintery - the weather agrees.

I recieved the latest GLOSSYBOX and was very excited for the items inside,namely:

- Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant
- Alison Claire Mango Body Butter
- Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm (Water Fuse version)
- Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat.
- Burberry Body Eau De Parfum

My first impression was one of joy,tis the season to be jolly after all.I adored the mix of things in this box,with a little bit of makeup,a few skincare items and a perfume sample.They were extremely generous this time round,with some of the sample sizes.

The Products:

Though I haven't tried the Microexfoliant from Dermalogica,I've heard good things about it.It's said to be deeply cleansing and gives the skin a brighter,fresher look,with a smooth texture.I'm looking forward to testing out the paste consistancy which it's said to make,when mixed with a little water.

As for the Mango Butter,50ml of this gorgeous smelling cream is definately enough to help make your mind up about whether you want to buy the full size or not! I love it! The scent is true to Mango,sweet and non-offensive,though tangy all the same.It has a non greasy feel and sinks in like a dream! I will definately be looking to repurchase when the sample size is used up.

Next,to the Beauty Balm from Dr Jart+ - At present,I can confidently say that this product isn't for me.Not because it's bad,but because my skin is simply too blemished.BB creams are better suited to people who desire minimum coverage and more of a smoothing effect.I am sure it works well for such people as I have heard very good things about it!

Nails Inc's Kensington Caviar top coat was a delight to recieve,as I go through top coats like sweets.I love this particular one,as it glides easily and the little brush was the perfect size for my wide nails.It left a glossy sheen which was smooth to touch.

Lastly,Burberry Body Eau De Parfum was a surprise,as I'm not one for very grown up scents.Though I love the beautiful glass bottle packaging and the scent itself,I'm sure it will be suited more to a mature lady - Stocking filler? I think so!

Overall :

I absolutely LOVED this box! GLOSSYBOX have definately reined in my attention again,with their last few boxes being below average.This one is the best of the year,in my opinion.I look forward to the Christmas box next month!

Have you ordered your GLOSSYBOX yet? :)

£12.95 from

x ~ x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

October Zoomed By!

Where did the last month go?!

I swear only five minutes ago I was beginning the start of a mentally gruelling month,which ended with a happy outcome.There's been ups and down but I pulled I usually do.I actually do hope that November speeds by too.It's looking promising,bring on December,Christmas and New Years!! (Unless we all die on the 21st,according to the Myan calendar, which will be a shame.)

Anyway,onto makeup and things..I've tried out a fair few new cosmetics and received some packages with very exciting products.Keep an eye out for some Burts Bees lip balm reviews on the review page!
I've also started my christmas shopping early,so as to avoid the mediocre rush of bodies through the stuffed and overpriced shops.A leisurely December of fun,food,sparkly things and wrapping is what I desire..It's my fondest wish.

So that's pretty much it for the update.I will do some more posts soon,and if you have anything you want to ask,just comment etc :)

x ~ x

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blessed Samhain & Happy Hallowe'en!

This post will be short,but I think it's nessecery.I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Hallowe'en tonight! Have a frightfully good evening with whatever you happen to be up to..whether that be trick or treating,parties or simply staying in with a good scary movie.
I shall resume to post some more reviews and things throughout November as it commences,and since I can no longer film,it will be good to get into a routine until Christmas comes around!

Anyway,that's pretty much all.I will be dressing up as the Joker tonight,which I'm looking forward too,and having carved pumpkins already I think I'm all set!
Here's some photos that I'll leave you with.Happy Hallowe'en! <3

An evil pair this year!

 My designated costume!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Life is Hectic.But there is Hope.

Hey guys..firstly,I'm sorry.
It's been over a month.I'm a very bad Blogger indeed,feel free to smack my hand.But life has been very busy and I've had a rollercoaster of a time lately.Things change so quickly sometimes that it's hard to keep up and know where you are.

College is really good so far though,since I switched courses and took a Level 2 Beauty Therapy route.It's alot of fun,with alot more freedom too.

I had stopped posting on my Youtube channel for about a week,due to some upsetting circumstances,but I've planned everything meticulously and I'm ready now to get back into the internet game,having pre-recorded a couple of vids to put up.On another note,I hit 2000 views on my channel..I don't think I could have been happier to see that,when I woke up one morning last week.I know it probably doesn't seem like alot of views,but it means the world to me.Thank you so much for your support.If you haven't already checked out my channel,here it is :

I hope you enjoy the videos.

Anyway,I've got plans.Figured on doing a Vlogtober segment,where I will vlog my daily life every two days and then post,alongside all my regular videos.Hoping to get back to Blogging too..

Keep your eyes peeled on my Youtube channel for a review on some beautiful nail polishes,sent to me by some dear friends.

Stay awesome,lovelies.
x ~ x

Monday, 3 September 2012

College Is Bigger Than Elephants.

Hello Woggles! :D

Today was my college induction day and boy oh boy was it an eye opener.First off,the place is HUGE.Loads of different buildings on one big complex..on the plus side,there's lots of food around.And I like food.

I was going to do a video about my college bag but my camera doesn't agree..neither does Windows Movie Maker.Therefore,I'll have to give it a miss..there's always next year! Maybe it's for the best anyway,since I've never been before.

So far though,my list stands as followed :

-Satchel bag
-Pencil case (Rubber,Pencils,Art Pencils,Pens,Ruler,Calculator,Sharpener etc)
-Student ID on Lanyard
-Bus pass
-Clear coloured pop-fastened folder
-Cosmetic case (Concealer,Anti-bac,Hand cream,Plasters,Hearing Aid batteries,Mirror etc)
-Pukka notebook

How does that sound to you? Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments! :)

I hope you're all doing very well today aswell,I might add.The sun has been shining brightly in Cornwall.

Lots of love and cuddles.

x ~ x

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Top Ten Makeup Websites!

Hey guys! I'd placed an order on Elf today and it gave me an idea - to list my top ten makeup websites! I'm going to split it into two parts,five of brand names and five of general cosmetic sites.
I hope this can help you make informed choices.

The Brands :

5 - Great freebie and sample website,rightly so for the price that we pay!! They're currently offering an Anniversary set featuring a free travel sized Bad Gal mascara.This site also features videos and blogs for more insight into the products.

4 - As a lover of Sleek makeup,I can vouch for this site being awesome.I love how it's laid out and how easy it is to access everything in one place! Postage is pretty good and the customer service make no question seem unwelcome.They can't do enough for you!

3- MAC cosmetics are famous worldwide and with such high prices,it's pleasing that they give free postage for purchases over £30.00.Customer service is awesome and everything is easy to access.There's alot to look at!

2- Truly incredible prices for brushes! They have fair postage and packaging prices too,signed UK delivery for just £2.99.The site offers so many choices that it can sometimes be boggling,but upon learning your way around it,it will become your idea of brush and tool heaven,trust me.

1- also known as Elf! My personal favourite,this site is an awesome one for regular discounts on products,freebies and great postage too! There are a number of Elf sites for each country!

The Generals :

5 - A good overall,all round stockist of makeup products.They stock some of the lesser known brands in cosmetics,including Japonesque.They sometimes offer freebies with purchases too.

4 - This site has an amazing selection of products,alot of which are actually skincare.They sell the big brands like Benefit,Shiseido,Stila,Yves Saint Laurent and Clarins.The postage can be a little sneaky but a great selection none-the-less!

3 - A great theatrical makeup online store.Whether it's glitter,henna,facepaint,bright eyeshadows,wigs or party supplies you need,Silly Farm is sure to have it! The site is energetic and cheery to look at,extremely easy to navigate and with good customer service.Postage varies upon the size of object.Stockists of Ben Nye,Wolfe,Snazaroo,Kryolan and Graftobian.

2 - Good,fairly cheap stockists of NYX,OCC and even Lime Crime! Awesome postage and quick delivery.An amazing site for Z-Palettes and general makeup tools that would be otherwise hard to find.

1 -  YES you can go instore..but honestly,I find Boots to have such an amazing online store.Without all of the shop assistants staring at you for browsing the shelves waaay over the reccomended shop time too! Postage is awesome and quick,although they sometimes waste packaging in the process.I still rate this highly because they literally sell everything under the sun.

So that's it for my top ten sites,I hope you gain something from this blog post.Thanks for reading,much love!

x ~ x

Friday, 31 August 2012

New Beginnings.

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of consistant posting..or rather,regular posting.
Life's been hectic! Went on holiday to Disneyland,which you can see in this video -
I hope you enjoy it!
Anyway,moving on to makeup - ish affairs.I've bought a helluva lot this month.Alot of mascaras and Soap&Glory products too!
I'm loving alot of Maybellines things at the moment and to make matters even better,they have a 2 for £10 sale on at Superdrug.Grab it while you can chums!
My camera and video uploader is being rather annoying at the moment and I'm having a daily struggle to upload my Youtube videos.If they're a little late,please bare with me and watch some past videos to cure the boredom! :D
As for reviews,I'm still testing a load of products so they'll be coming along soon.I'm particularly in love with a new concealer and a very popular face Primer.Watch this space for the reviews!

I hope you're all doing very well and I'd like to thank any regular readers for their time.And thanks to you,the person sitting behind computer right there!
I start college in a few days,which is nervewracking.A new beginning methinks..and even more inspiration to keep working harder than ever on Youtube and blogging. 
Much love

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Magazines! Rose Gold!

I recently really got into fashion/glamour/beauty magazines..such a bad habit (not to mention expensive) but I love the buzz! Glamour,Elle,Marie Claire,Instyle and others are growing on me..especially the beauty sections of said mags.

Another recent obsession is Rose Gold.That's right..Rose..Gold.Rose Gold anything! I got two cord bracelets from Accessorize with little chain links of Rose Gold and now I'm hooked on the colour..I keep using it on my eyes from my NAKED palette.

So,I've been receiving alot of requests for videos lately and I wanted to set up a bona finde way of contacting me with those if you follow me on Twitter,@IYoue3I,just use the hashtag #IYoue3IRequest followed by the idea! :D

I hope you'll find this an easier way to get messages to me.

You might be wondering why there hasn't been any 'main page' posts lately..and that's due to the two reviews I recently put up on my Reviews page..just to the right..go ahead and click it! ---->

x ~ x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Such a tortuous life I lead!

Urgh..10 Days from last update? Boo..Okay,so I was lax and lazy. -_-  

Summer holidays mean that the days all blur together in a horrible mess.Not to mention the gewd'ole cornish sun! It's mega hot here..sweltering.We british people cannot seem to decide on what we want.One minute it's "too cold..waaaah..!" and the next it's "FUCK,GET ME A FAN ITS TOO HOT ERRMAHGAUD!"


I hope you guys all got a chance to check out my full Real Techniques review,in the review section to the right.And enjoyed it,of course.I'll definately be trying to check out some more of the line.

So I went out to Truro today with le'boyf.I dragged the poor sucker around every damn makeup shop in town..he drew the line at the Debenhams counters though.Sigh...the life of a cosmetic addict.Such a tortuous life I lead!
Anyhow,whilst in Truro..I vlogged O.O It WAS in the multi-storey carpark..but..still..

Shall be uploading that soon and I'm also working on my Garnier Toner review.Should be up by the end of the night.

That's all for now m'lurves!

x ~ x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Coffee Mornings and Reviews!

So it's looking like my Makeup DONTS video is proving to be a hit! Yes,I'm sure you're all loving me plastering my face in makeup,in possibly the worst kind of ways.But of course,it's all for a good cause.The crackdown on horrific fakery and layers of orange!

I'm due at a coffee morning for our local Women's Institute meet-up,doing nails and hand treatments,which looks to be great fun! My first real event,in which I get to show off my nail skills.

I'm planning a George Nail Polish review for later on this evening,after popping over to ASDA yet again to retrieve more varnish remover and cotton pads.I'm the sort of person who can't resist a bargain,you see! You watch all these makeup Guru's who have the cash to spare on more expensive items( which I'm all for,if it's worth it) but I understand that most of us simply don't have the money for MAC and Benefit etc.As much as I love butterLondon,NailsInc and OPI,they're pretty pricey too!

So look forward to the video and I'll look forward to filming it! :)

OMGOSH.Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner...has completed my life.

It.Is.Spectacular.And I will DEFINATELY be giving it a seperate Blog review and possibly a video.

That's all on the western front for now,chicks!

x ~ x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nails For Sale!

It's not what it looks like,I promise.

Painting false nails to stick on a board is so much fun - in a watching-paint-dry kind of way.Ironic,huh? Still,it must be done! Who knew Pukka Pie boxes could be so resourceful,a slap of paper on the back and it looks awesome.I had to glue the nails on using PVA.Messy time for me!

So why,I hear you ask,Oh why Amy..would you be sticking painted nails to a piece of cardboard?
It's all in the name of business.Setting up my mini service is proving to be great fun indeed.I love the buzz already! I'll be providing a door-to-door service (including childrens parties and spa parties) doing professional-looking nail art and all for simple donations!

What better way to get me out of the house,than to do something I love..with the possibility of a return? :)
The finished board,ready for customer scrutiny! xD

By the way,my new video is up guys!  HERE <3 Like and Sub :)

Love you!

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Interesting Nonsense.

I did something a few days ago which I didn't think I'd do.Joined a Drama Club.This should be good fun..since I hope to be helping out in the costume and makeup department (theatre makeup being my forte).I really hope I can get alot out of this,as well as socialise and stop being such a hermit >xD

On another note,I posted a recent video and it's proving to be informative.Feedback is appreciated!

 Here it is! -  Makeup DONTS!

It features me mostly looking like a roasted chicken by the end.Don't get your hopes up,it's bronzer,not me wrapped in tinfoil.<3

Anyhow,the BSL course is coming along,and I hope to be doing my first video on British Sign Language soon.It should be awesome sauce and I'm really excited!

I also would like to inform that at some point I'll start trying to do some YouNow livestream broadcasts.You can find me here and fan my profile,so when I go Live,you'll know! :D

Life is Lush.

x ~ x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Red Or Dead + BSL!

Hey guys!

I got news....I officially now have -drumroll-..............GLASSES!

Square ones.They're purdy. >:B

Also,I just got a new Revlon Colourstay in the shade Buff.So I'll be writing a review for that as soon as I'm done trying it out.I'm wearing it as I type and I'm loving the feel so far.
As for videos,I'll be uploading one probably tommorow since I'm gonna do a small tutorial on the go-to smokey eye look.This will be followed by a programme of British Sign Language.So for those who want to learn,keep checking back to my Youtube channel ! -  :)

Don't forget to like my vids and subscribe! <3

Anyway,since doing my GLOSSYBOX review vid which can be found on my channel,I've found that the brush which came in the box actually isn't as bad as I originally thought it was,silly me! I'm also quite liking the bronzer and I think it's sparked a new enthusiasm for the stuff!

After having a massive great sandwich about 5 inches tall off of the plate,I was glad to get into Boots on the highstreet and mooch around the bronzing sections.

That's all for today guys.Lovesies!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ello Bloggers and Blogees!

I have news.Of Epic Proportions
School is now officially over! :)

so you know what that means?
-Drumroll-......More blog posting,more reviews,more agony auntiry and more videos on my Youtube Channel!

I hope you guys are being good and checking up on it every so often..and I'm aiming to be equally good and do at least one video every two days.

I have a review coming up here in a little while so watch this space!
x ~ x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nom nom nom nom,Insight..

Just some Insight.:3

Let me make it quite clear..I'm not a horribly depressive person,neither do I seek to make your day any less bright! This is just my experience and two cents! Thanks fer watching. :)

AHHHHHHdyimuofhhwbdyc hashbd fbdfh c ax hhfgasgdaba!

Sorry,I went a little mental there.
Anyway..Lip Butters! SQUEE! Probably THE most mentioned highstreet product on Youtube for quite some time.So I’ll dive right in there and introduce the three shades I bought to test out.

- Candy Apple (Soft apple red)
- Raspberry Pie (Darker stereotypical raspberry)
- Cotton Candy (Light,airy pink shimmer)

Now,I’ve heard many people complaining of their being no scent to these Lip Butters,but I have to say that they must either be mistaken,or live in the US and somehow the formula is without scent?!
They smell almost exactly like a buttery cream.I believe the scent is released more as the usage increases.I’m in love with the colours..and their are many to choose from.They are about mid-range for pricing,at £7.99 each in UK shops.

Raspberry Pie gives the most opaque coverage on the lips.That’s another thing which may seem surprising..these so called ‘Lip Butters’ seem suspiciously more like Lipsticks to me..but that doesn’t even matter to me personally.They’re great either way!

Candy Apple is a lovely subtle red,without being too ‘in-your-face’.And Cotton Candy is a sweet colour for a wash of lip product minus a load of colour.All of the Lip Butters I have so far have very smooth application.And it only takes a few swipes across the lips.

This is a photo of me wearing the Candy Apple Lip Butter underneath some gloss.As depicted in my Youtube Video –

These Lip Butters work differently for each person,for example someone with very naturally pigmented lips may not find these very useful,but someone with less may gain alot more colour payoff…if that makes sense?

Overall,I’m very much looking forward to collecting some more of these.The creamy consistancy and the smooth application are a big thumbs up for me!

x ~ x

Review : Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo

What can I say? They’ve been the talk of the town..err..I mean,globe..for months now,along with the Revlon Lip Butters(seperate review to come)
So what’s all the fuss then? I know what you’re thinking..are they really THAT good?
I got these three colours to try them out..
Eternal Gold
Endless Purple
Turquoise Forever.

Now whilst the names might not be as frightfully inventive as their cousins out in good ole’ US of A and Canada..they still have the same great formula.I’m loving the selection of colours for the UK,but it’s sad that the States get more colours than us and not to mention,all the bright ones!

First off,it’s worth mentioning the price,I think.I got mine on sale at Superdrug in the UK for £4.99 each.Personally I think they’re great value for money with awesome pigmentation.I’m loving the sparkle and shimmer which has been added to some of the cream shadows,especially in Turquoise Forever.There is certainly a definate hit of Mermaid-esque beauty about this cool,vibrant blue.

Out of my three colours,Endless Purple had the least colour payoff and Eternal Gold had the most.I’m not sure what it’s like for the other colours.

Overall,I love these innovative,new cream shadows! Maybelline are right on the ball with these little beauties.
I’ll next be looking to get the Taupe shade too..seeing as it’s matte and without shimmer,so should be a great test of formula.

x ~ x


Hey there! I’m Amy.Or Youe3,or Amzillosaurus,or all three! I recently got into beauty and cosmetics,around a year ago and I’ve been passionate ever since.Only now am I really expressing my interest.I’m no professional,by any account,but I feel like sharing my two cents every once in awhile. Thanks for visiting my Blog and I hope you guys feel the need to follow it on this journey. :) - Check out my Youtube channel on beauty and reviews/tips! <3