Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ello Bloggers and Blogees!

I have news.Of Epic Proportions
School is now officially over! :)

so you know what that means?
-Drumroll-......More blog posting,more reviews,more agony auntiry and more videos on my Youtube Channel!

I hope you guys are being good and checking up on it every so often..and I'm aiming to be equally good and do at least one video every two days.

I have a review coming up here in a little while so watch this space!
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nom nom nom nom,Insight..

Just some Insight.:3

Let me make it quite clear..I'm not a horribly depressive person,neither do I seek to make your day any less bright! This is just my experience and two cents! Thanks fer watching. :)

AHHHHHHdyimuofhhwbdyc hashbd fbdfh c ax hhfgasgdaba!

Sorry,I went a little mental there.
Anyway..Lip Butters! SQUEE! Probably THE most mentioned highstreet product on Youtube for quite some time.So I’ll dive right in there and introduce the three shades I bought to test out.

- Candy Apple (Soft apple red)
- Raspberry Pie (Darker stereotypical raspberry)
- Cotton Candy (Light,airy pink shimmer)

Now,I’ve heard many people complaining of their being no scent to these Lip Butters,but I have to say that they must either be mistaken,or live in the US and somehow the formula is without scent?!
They smell almost exactly like a buttery cream.I believe the scent is released more as the usage increases.I’m in love with the colours..and their are many to choose from.They are about mid-range for pricing,at £7.99 each in UK shops.

Raspberry Pie gives the most opaque coverage on the lips.That’s another thing which may seem surprising..these so called ‘Lip Butters’ seem suspiciously more like Lipsticks to me..but that doesn’t even matter to me personally.They’re great either way!

Candy Apple is a lovely subtle red,without being too ‘in-your-face’.And Cotton Candy is a sweet colour for a wash of lip product minus a load of colour.All of the Lip Butters I have so far have very smooth application.And it only takes a few swipes across the lips.

This is a photo of me wearing the Candy Apple Lip Butter underneath some gloss.As depicted in my Youtube Video –

These Lip Butters work differently for each person,for example someone with very naturally pigmented lips may not find these very useful,but someone with less may gain alot more colour payoff…if that makes sense?

Overall,I’m very much looking forward to collecting some more of these.The creamy consistancy and the smooth application are a big thumbs up for me!

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Review : Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo

What can I say? They’ve been the talk of the town..err..I mean,globe..for months now,along with the Revlon Lip Butters(seperate review to come)
So what’s all the fuss then? I know what you’re thinking..are they really THAT good?
I got these three colours to try them out..
Eternal Gold
Endless Purple
Turquoise Forever.

Now whilst the names might not be as frightfully inventive as their cousins out in good ole’ US of A and Canada..they still have the same great formula.I’m loving the selection of colours for the UK,but it’s sad that the States get more colours than us and not to mention,all the bright ones!

First off,it’s worth mentioning the price,I think.I got mine on sale at Superdrug in the UK for £4.99 each.Personally I think they’re great value for money with awesome pigmentation.I’m loving the sparkle and shimmer which has been added to some of the cream shadows,especially in Turquoise Forever.There is certainly a definate hit of Mermaid-esque beauty about this cool,vibrant blue.

Out of my three colours,Endless Purple had the least colour payoff and Eternal Gold had the most.I’m not sure what it’s like for the other colours.

Overall,I love these innovative,new cream shadows! Maybelline are right on the ball with these little beauties.
I’ll next be looking to get the Taupe shade too..seeing as it’s matte and without shimmer,so should be a great test of formula.

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