Thursday, 26 July 2012

Such a tortuous life I lead!

Urgh..10 Days from last update? Boo..Okay,so I was lax and lazy. -_-  

Summer holidays mean that the days all blur together in a horrible mess.Not to mention the gewd'ole cornish sun! It's mega hot here..sweltering.We british people cannot seem to decide on what we want.One minute it's "too cold..waaaah..!" and the next it's "FUCK,GET ME A FAN ITS TOO HOT ERRMAHGAUD!"


I hope you guys all got a chance to check out my full Real Techniques review,in the review section to the right.And enjoyed it,of course.I'll definately be trying to check out some more of the line.

So I went out to Truro today with le'boyf.I dragged the poor sucker around every damn makeup shop in town..he drew the line at the Debenhams counters though.Sigh...the life of a cosmetic addict.Such a tortuous life I lead!
Anyhow,whilst in Truro..I vlogged O.O It WAS in the multi-storey carpark..but..still..

Shall be uploading that soon and I'm also working on my Garnier Toner review.Should be up by the end of the night.

That's all for now m'lurves!

x ~ x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Coffee Mornings and Reviews!

So it's looking like my Makeup DONTS video is proving to be a hit! Yes,I'm sure you're all loving me plastering my face in makeup,in possibly the worst kind of ways.But of course,it's all for a good cause.The crackdown on horrific fakery and layers of orange!

I'm due at a coffee morning for our local Women's Institute meet-up,doing nails and hand treatments,which looks to be great fun! My first real event,in which I get to show off my nail skills.

I'm planning a George Nail Polish review for later on this evening,after popping over to ASDA yet again to retrieve more varnish remover and cotton pads.I'm the sort of person who can't resist a bargain,you see! You watch all these makeup Guru's who have the cash to spare on more expensive items( which I'm all for,if it's worth it) but I understand that most of us simply don't have the money for MAC and Benefit etc.As much as I love butterLondon,NailsInc and OPI,they're pretty pricey too!

So look forward to the video and I'll look forward to filming it! :)

OMGOSH.Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner...has completed my life.

It.Is.Spectacular.And I will DEFINATELY be giving it a seperate Blog review and possibly a video.

That's all on the western front for now,chicks!

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nails For Sale!

It's not what it looks like,I promise.

Painting false nails to stick on a board is so much fun - in a watching-paint-dry kind of way.Ironic,huh? Still,it must be done! Who knew Pukka Pie boxes could be so resourceful,a slap of paper on the back and it looks awesome.I had to glue the nails on using PVA.Messy time for me!

So why,I hear you ask,Oh why Amy..would you be sticking painted nails to a piece of cardboard?
It's all in the name of business.Setting up my mini service is proving to be great fun indeed.I love the buzz already! I'll be providing a door-to-door service (including childrens parties and spa parties) doing professional-looking nail art and all for simple donations!

What better way to get me out of the house,than to do something I love..with the possibility of a return? :)
The finished board,ready for customer scrutiny! xD

By the way,my new video is up guys!  HERE <3 Like and Sub :)

Love you!

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Interesting Nonsense.

I did something a few days ago which I didn't think I'd do.Joined a Drama Club.This should be good fun..since I hope to be helping out in the costume and makeup department (theatre makeup being my forte).I really hope I can get alot out of this,as well as socialise and stop being such a hermit >xD

On another note,I posted a recent video and it's proving to be informative.Feedback is appreciated!

 Here it is! -  Makeup DONTS!

It features me mostly looking like a roasted chicken by the end.Don't get your hopes up,it's bronzer,not me wrapped in tinfoil.<3

Anyhow,the BSL course is coming along,and I hope to be doing my first video on British Sign Language soon.It should be awesome sauce and I'm really excited!

I also would like to inform that at some point I'll start trying to do some YouNow livestream broadcasts.You can find me here and fan my profile,so when I go Live,you'll know! :D

Life is Lush.

x ~ x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Red Or Dead + BSL!

Hey guys!

I got news....I officially now have -drumroll-..............GLASSES!

Square ones.They're purdy. >:B

Also,I just got a new Revlon Colourstay in the shade Buff.So I'll be writing a review for that as soon as I'm done trying it out.I'm wearing it as I type and I'm loving the feel so far.
As for videos,I'll be uploading one probably tommorow since I'm gonna do a small tutorial on the go-to smokey eye look.This will be followed by a programme of British Sign Language.So for those who want to learn,keep checking back to my Youtube channel ! -  :)

Don't forget to like my vids and subscribe! <3

Anyway,since doing my GLOSSYBOX review vid which can be found on my channel,I've found that the brush which came in the box actually isn't as bad as I originally thought it was,silly me! I'm also quite liking the bronzer and I think it's sparked a new enthusiasm for the stuff!

After having a massive great sandwich about 5 inches tall off of the plate,I was glad to get into Boots on the highstreet and mooch around the bronzing sections.

That's all for today guys.Lovesies!