Monday, 16 July 2012

Coffee Mornings and Reviews!

So it's looking like my Makeup DONTS video is proving to be a hit! Yes,I'm sure you're all loving me plastering my face in makeup,in possibly the worst kind of ways.But of course,it's all for a good cause.The crackdown on horrific fakery and layers of orange!

I'm due at a coffee morning for our local Women's Institute meet-up,doing nails and hand treatments,which looks to be great fun! My first real event,in which I get to show off my nail skills.

I'm planning a George Nail Polish review for later on this evening,after popping over to ASDA yet again to retrieve more varnish remover and cotton pads.I'm the sort of person who can't resist a bargain,you see! You watch all these makeup Guru's who have the cash to spare on more expensive items( which I'm all for,if it's worth it) but I understand that most of us simply don't have the money for MAC and Benefit etc.As much as I love butterLondon,NailsInc and OPI,they're pretty pricey too!

So look forward to the video and I'll look forward to filming it! :)

OMGOSH.Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner...has completed my life.

It.Is.Spectacular.And I will DEFINATELY be giving it a seperate Blog review and possibly a video.

That's all on the western front for now,chicks!

x ~ x

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