Sunday, 8 July 2012

Interesting Nonsense.

I did something a few days ago which I didn't think I'd do.Joined a Drama Club.This should be good fun..since I hope to be helping out in the costume and makeup department (theatre makeup being my forte).I really hope I can get alot out of this,as well as socialise and stop being such a hermit >xD

On another note,I posted a recent video and it's proving to be informative.Feedback is appreciated!

 Here it is! -  Makeup DONTS!

It features me mostly looking like a roasted chicken by the end.Don't get your hopes up,it's bronzer,not me wrapped in tinfoil.<3

Anyhow,the BSL course is coming along,and I hope to be doing my first video on British Sign Language soon.It should be awesome sauce and I'm really excited!

I also would like to inform that at some point I'll start trying to do some YouNow livestream broadcasts.You can find me here and fan my profile,so when I go Live,you'll know! :D

Life is Lush.

x ~ x

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