Sunday, 12 August 2012

Magazines! Rose Gold!

I recently really got into fashion/glamour/beauty magazines..such a bad habit (not to mention expensive) but I love the buzz! Glamour,Elle,Marie Claire,Instyle and others are growing on me..especially the beauty sections of said mags.

Another recent obsession is Rose Gold.That's right..Rose..Gold.Rose Gold anything! I got two cord bracelets from Accessorize with little chain links of Rose Gold and now I'm hooked on the colour..I keep using it on my eyes from my NAKED palette.

So,I've been receiving alot of requests for videos lately and I wanted to set up a bona finde way of contacting me with those if you follow me on Twitter,@IYoue3I,just use the hashtag #IYoue3IRequest followed by the idea! :D

I hope you'll find this an easier way to get messages to me.

You might be wondering why there hasn't been any 'main page' posts lately..and that's due to the two reviews I recently put up on my Reviews page..just to the right..go ahead and click it! ---->

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