Friday, 31 August 2012

New Beginnings.

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of consistant posting..or rather,regular posting.
Life's been hectic! Went on holiday to Disneyland,which you can see in this video -
I hope you enjoy it!
Anyway,moving on to makeup - ish affairs.I've bought a helluva lot this month.Alot of mascaras and Soap&Glory products too!
I'm loving alot of Maybellines things at the moment and to make matters even better,they have a 2 for £10 sale on at Superdrug.Grab it while you can chums!
My camera and video uploader is being rather annoying at the moment and I'm having a daily struggle to upload my Youtube videos.If they're a little late,please bare with me and watch some past videos to cure the boredom! :D
As for reviews,I'm still testing a load of products so they'll be coming along soon.I'm particularly in love with a new concealer and a very popular face Primer.Watch this space for the reviews!

I hope you're all doing very well and I'd like to thank any regular readers for their time.And thanks to you,the person sitting behind computer right there!
I start college in a few days,which is nervewracking.A new beginning methinks..and even more inspiration to keep working harder than ever on Youtube and blogging. 
Much love

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