Monday, 3 September 2012

College Is Bigger Than Elephants.

Hello Woggles! :D

Today was my college induction day and boy oh boy was it an eye opener.First off,the place is HUGE.Loads of different buildings on one big complex..on the plus side,there's lots of food around.And I like food.

I was going to do a video about my college bag but my camera doesn't agree..neither does Windows Movie Maker.Therefore,I'll have to give it a miss..there's always next year! Maybe it's for the best anyway,since I've never been before.

So far though,my list stands as followed :

-Satchel bag
-Pencil case (Rubber,Pencils,Art Pencils,Pens,Ruler,Calculator,Sharpener etc)
-Student ID on Lanyard
-Bus pass
-Clear coloured pop-fastened folder
-Cosmetic case (Concealer,Anti-bac,Hand cream,Plasters,Hearing Aid batteries,Mirror etc)
-Pukka notebook

How does that sound to you? Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments! :)

I hope you're all doing very well today aswell,I might add.The sun has been shining brightly in Cornwall.

Lots of love and cuddles.

x ~ x

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