Saturday, 24 November 2012

The big day is not far away!

I can't believe how quickly November is speeding happy that's it's going anyway,to make way for Christmas month - December! :D

Now I'm a real toddler and magpie at Christmas. (or Yule as I tend to call it.) I can't resist the shimmery,glimmery,shiney,sparkly,glittery colours of the season! I expect my next trip to Plymouth to be filled with festive cosmetic shopping,along with a few clothing items - from Primark of course,I'm a sucker for bargains.

As for decorations,I finally decided on a theme for my bedroom.Strangely,I'll be heading in the direction of soft pinks,whites and silvers this year.I think I may have been inspired by Elle Fowler's bedroom. (AllThatGlitters21) I've got some pearl and white feathered fairy lights up already,and am hoping to get some more of them to hang around my room.Silver tinsel,methinks!

I'll be feeding my shiney-shiney obsession right up until the big day itself,which I can't wait for.Prezzie shopping should be fun too!

Keep an eye out for a christmas gift guide <3

x ~ x

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