Monday, 30 December 2013

Review : Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks. (Re-Formulated Version)

Hey guys.First off I want to apologise for being a bad blogger and completely neglecting to post - I've shockingly only published *one* post this month! So here's a review to get things going again,since I've been a bit mentally stumped as of late.

Rimmel put out the re-formulated versions of their Moisture Renew lipsticks earlier in the year and although I can't speak for the old ones,I simply have to rave about the new kids - they're beyond epic.

I currently own three of the 20-something line up of lipsticks.

  • 180 Vintage Pink - A rich,shabby pink. Reminiscent of an elderly ladies' slippers!

  • 360 As You Want Victoria - Vibrant,cherry pink with hints of a red undertone.

  • 330 Sloane's Plum. - A plum-leaning vampish purple.

Packaging and colour-wise,it's a fabulous line up. The new purple tube adds a touch more fun than the old style and looks pretty neat,sat on the make-up desk. There's also a huge selection of colours to choose from,that really take into consideration the seasonal trend of dark lips (there's four in the collection to note).

By glancing at the swatches alone,it's easy to tell just how gloriously glossy,shiny and pigmented these lipsticks are.What's more they really are moisturising,which is a very rare trait in any lip product.I wore Sloane's Plum in one of my videos and received a comment asking which lip 'gloss' I was wearing! 

L - R : Vintage Pink,As You Want Victoria & Sloane's Plum.
Swatched without a lip primer.

I've really got nothing awfully bad to say about these. Maybe only one notable inconvenience is just how transferable they are,meaning that the wear time is limited to 2 or 3 hours at the most.These can be slightly messy to apply with an unsteady hand or environment (no applying in the car!).

Overall though,I really do love and welcome these lipsticks in my collection.

These are available from Superdrug and Boots for £6.49 each

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MUA Eyeshadow Trio - Innocence.

MUA's eyeshadow trio in the shade 'Innocence' is a three-part mini palette of baked shadows which include a range of warm toned shades.All three have beautiful pigmentation,pack on well and apply smoothly. The cream colour makes for a beautifully bright inner corner highlight!


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Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter Weather Lip Care - The Things I Adore.


So,for me,it's officially Winter.

No,nope,I don't wanna hear about how it only just turned Autumn - it's Winter,goshdarnit! The frost is out,the fluffy bed socks are in and I've been drinking more tea than you can shake a stick at. (I am,of course,English)

As such,my skin has been taking a battering from the sudden change in weather and most notably,my lips.Symptoms including dryness,cracking,chapping and general discomfort.My lips are dry at the best of times but they rarely hurt.These are two of my favourite lip care products for battling the winter chill.


LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub  £5.50 from

It's possibly one of the most raved about products from LUSH. I can see why! This is a great scrub for exfoliating before applying lipstick and (of course) it's a bonus that you can also eat this stuff. It tastes like toffee popcorn and contains fairly large grains of sugar and popping candy which scrub away the dead skin cells. Great for renewing chapped winter lips.

Figs&Rouge Coco Vanilla 100% Organic Balm £5.25 from :

After I've exfoliated using my lip scrub, I like to use a more luxurious lip balm to soothe my skin. This one from Figs and Rouge is particularly creamy and is very smooth to apply. Unlike so many of the other lip balms I own, this one sticks around for hours. It's quite thick and provides great protection from weather while actually hydrating my lips too. 

So these are the two lip products I've been loving for keeping the chap-flakes away!
Let me know what you've been using. :)

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Friday, 22 November 2013

{Strictly Swatches} Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish - Perfect Plum.

Sleek's Pout Polish in Perfect Plum is a red based plum shade which comes off as a sheer but generous tint of colour on the lips.The Pout Polish is very smooth and glides on richly,giving a pretty sheen.A lovely autumn shade for those more shy of a bright lip.

Swatched without a lip primer.

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Friday, 15 November 2013

{Strictly Swatches} The 'Snow White' Blush - Benefit's Rockateur.

Benefit's Rockateur Box 'O Powder is a warm rosy-gold toned blush with a heavy micro-shimmer overlay (which quickly disappears with 2-3 swipes!).The blush is smooth,beautifully fragranced and comes with Benefit's typical blush brush and inset mirror.This is a wonderful autumnal cheek shade for pale skin tones,hence why I've dubbed it the 'snow white' blush! 

Swatched without a base.

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Lime Crime - Velvetines & Carousel Gloss : The Perfect Winter Lip?

Hey all!

It's November and Winter is approaching us at an alarming rate,meaning my hunt for the perfect Christmasy lip is well and truly begun.Ever since Lime Crime released their Velvetines earlier in the year,I was curious as to the staying power and opacity of these highly regarded lip lacquers.

Originally,I didn't plan on pairing the two items I ordered from the brand's website back in September,but once they arrived,it seemed rather obvious to give it a go! Needless to say,the results are quite glamorous indeed and isn't that packaging just adorable?! 

The two products I got were :

  • Lime Crime Velvetines - Red Velvet.

Regarding the Velvetines,I was thoroughly surprised by the incredible staying power.Not only is Red Velvet completely opaque with two coats,but it lasted through an entire meal,including drinks and dessert (cheeky).I love that it doesn't dry my lips out either,rather feeling like a 'second-skin'.Not a trace of bleeding/feathering or transfer in sight.

  • Lime Crime Carousel Gloss - Snowsicle.

The Carousel Gloss is much,much thicker than I imagined it to be,even with the suspended glitter particles in.And be warned,this is an extremely glittery product with tiny chunks of foil.You will need to be fairly liberal with the application to get the glitter to full potential but the gloss itself is quite sticky by this point.This can be good though,since the 'stick' factor will keep the glitter in and make it last longer.It's to be noted that the brush on this gloss can be a little fiddly.

Snowsicle over Red Velvet | Snowsicle | Red Velvet.

Layering the gloss over the top of the Velvetines makes for a kind of 'happy medium'.If your lips are extremely dry,the gloss will keep the Velvetines from sucking the last drops of moisture from them.The glitter is much more visible in a lighter layer over the Red Velvet,meaning a slightly less sticky texture overall.

I really feel that these two lip products really encompass the Christmas/Winter feel - A rich red coupled with a glittery overcoat. 

What makes your perfect Winter lip?

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

{Strictly Swatches} Bourjois Poudre de Riz Java Powder.

Bourjois' newest powder product brushes the lines between a finishing powder and a highlight shade.The powder itself is smooth,with decent pigmentation but does contain particles of glitter which may not be suitable for some skin types.Can be used on light points of the face,including cheekbones. 

Swatches without a base.

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Top 3 Oil-Control,Mattifying Powders.

Hello all! It's nice to see you today.I do hope you're well.I realise it's been a little while since my last post,for which I'm very sorry.Life has gone from snail to Usain Bolt in the space of two weeks!

Anyhoo - today I'm going to share a few of my very favourite mattifying face powders.Summer is now nought but a memory and hence the dewy,fresh-faced look has been replaced (much to my joy) by a matte finish for Autumn.

Matte is seriously on trend at the moment,though who really follows the trend 24/7?  I know I don't.Still,I really do adore the airbrushed,smooth look that a matte face can bring even if I do wear it all year round!


  • Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder 10g - £19.00 from FeelUnique
This is the newest addition to my fixing powder collection.I saw this perfect little gem on one of essiebutton's blog posts a few months ago and I simply couldn't resist it - I'm so glad I didn't. This is a loose powder so beware of the dust but somehow it's much smoother in texture than most powders I've tried.It controls oil fabulously and keeps me matte for at least 7 hours on a regular college day.Also it smells,rather nicely indeed,of roses.Don't worry though,the scent lingers for only a few seconds.

  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder (NC15) - £21.50 from MAC Cosmetics
From MAC,the cult Studio Fix compact is definitely worth it's hype.Without layering it on too thick,this powder can literally give you an airbrushed finish.It's fairly heavy,so use a light hand to prevent it from sinking into any fine lines.Out of all of the powders I've spoken about in this post,this one has the least oil-control but only by about an hour.Without touch-ups,this one will last about 6 hours on an oily skin.

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Long-Lasting Pressed Powder (001 Transparent) - £3.99 from Boots dearest friend,my old faithful! What can I say? I love this powder more than any other and I've been using it for just over a year now.It keeps me oil-free for up to 8 hours before I need to touch-up and it gives the skin a beautiful,smooth finish.For that reason,I use this on almost a daily basis.It's a cheaper option for those on a budget and honestly,it's the best of the bunch! My only complaint is the fragile plastic packaging which seems to chip off on me.Well,you can't have everything for £3.99,can you?

What's your favourite mattifying powder?
Lemme know in a tweet @IYoue3@I  - I'd love to hear from you! :D

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Friday, 18 October 2013

DIY Halloween : Easy & Quirky Cauldron Candle Holder.

It's almost that fabulously ghoulish time of year again - Halloween!

When the rain is pitter-pattering against the windows outside and you've got a spare afternoon with nothing to do - turn your hand to some crafty goodness in the name of home decoration.
Here's how to make this charming little cauldron shaped candle holder,complete with leafy 'flames' -

Got the PVA ready?! 

The things you will need :

-A small black or white bowl (not plastic - you don't need me to tell you why not.)

-Turning leaves from your garden - Small enough to fit in a row of around 4-5.

-Black craft wire.

-A strong glue of some sort.

-Halloween themed paper shapes (I used bats.)


Start off with by laying down some protective measures (namely yesterday's newspaper) and begin to stick the halloween shapes onto your bowl at intervals with your glue.Create a pattern or a scene - whatever you fancy! Once the shapes have dried into place,flip the bowl upside down and arrange your leaves then stick them to the rim.When they're done,flip the bowl back up and give it a couple of minutes to set.

While the glue is drying on your leaves,cut a few lengths of black wire and twist them together in a random binding,to create a muddled,rustic feel.Then create small loops in the wire on each end and glue these to the sides of the bowl so that it appears as a cauldron handle.

Add a little candle and you're done!

Hope you enjoy this really simple and quick little craft project.These cauldrons would be great in larger proportions to put little sweeties in for Trick or Treaters too.

Have a great rest of your day!

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Friday, 11 October 2013

{Strictly Swatches} *LE* Dior : Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow - 881 Hypnotique.

'Hypnotique' Mono Eyeshadow by Dior is a rich,smouldering grey-toned purple with a ton of shimmer and shine.Blends excellently and works well at darkening the crease and lower lashline.The product itself almost feels bouncy and resistant in it's glass and comes with a reasonably good sponge-tipped applicator.This eyeshadow is part of Dior's Fall Collection for 2013 and is therefore Limited Edition.

Swatched without a primer.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Barry M : Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette. you need to sit down? A cup of tea before you begin to read? A quick massage? The title may have come as a shock.That's right,you're not dreaming - Barry M have made PALETTES.

This came as such an odd surprise to me when I saw them in the shops about a week ago.I snapped mine up the second time I visited Superdrug (the first time,they were sold out.) I'm predicting that the neutral palette will sell out the quickest overall but they've also released a smokey and a jewel toned palette too.

So on with the review - 

These palettes are slightly different to what I'd usually buy,mostly because it also contains a blush.You get a total of six eyeshadows in each one,as well as two of your typical dual-ended sponge tip applicators.

The palette has a magnetic clasp and comes with a mirror inset into the flip top.The top itself won't stay upright by itself though,as Leesha from xSparkage would say it's lacking some serious  "palette viagra.".Take it for what it is.

The colours within this palette surprised me,but in a really good way! It comes with two matte shades (neutral brown and a clean white) and not only is it a nice shade selection,the colours are pretty pigmented.The eyeshadow pans are reminiscent of Urban Decay's NAKED Palettes.

The colours themselves don't have names which is slightly annoying.It means I'll have to use the caveman 'point and grunt' method in videos.As for shades,I especially love the deep grey-taupe shade in the centre and the very first light pink.I've made quite a few combinations out of this palette,suitable for both day and evening looks.

Personally,I would never use the 'blush' for it's intended purpose though it can be used as both an eyeshadow and highlighter for the face.The pink element of the blush is quite faint,so makes for a nice wash of sheer colour if desired.I absolutely love that Barry M chose to include a completely matte white - it's perfect as a brow highlight! The lack of a true black is made up for by the rich,dark chocolate colour on the far right and the matte brown is a brilliant transition shade.

Swatched without a primer.

Overall I'm extremely pleased by Barry M's new addition to the market.I'm happy that they've had the guts to properly branch out from nail polish and other tid-bits (no matter how awesome they are).

There are a few minor details that could be cleaned up but it's their first time making an all-in palette - therefore I'll let them off.For £6.69,it's a lovely little thing to have on hand for travelling,and it won't break the bank!

Have you tried any of the other palettes in this line? What did you think?

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Favourite Autumnal Lipsticks - Swatches.

In collaboration with my Youtube channel,I decided to post swatches of the lipsticks I mentioned in my latest video to make it easier all round.The video can be found HERE.

If you're new to my blog from the channel - Welcome! I do hope you'll follow me on Bloglovin' or via email updates - I post every couple of days! :)

Without further ado,the swatches - 

Left to Right :
Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.
Rimmel by Kate Moss in 107.
Soap&Glory Super-colour-fabu-lipstick in Super Nude.
Topshop in The Damned.
Yves Rocher in Mauve.
Benefit in Wild Card.
Dior Addict Extreme in Bonne Aventure.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

{Strictly Swatches} Dior : Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick - 986 Bonne Aventure.

Released in their Fall Collection 2013,Dior's Bonne Aventure lipstick is a rich,deep plum-wine shade with a glossy shine.The wear is comfortable and long-lasting;the colour gliding on the lips smoothly without any tugging.A gorgeous colour for Autumn.

Swatched without a lip primer.

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bath Time Treats - The Things I Adore.

I love baths,don't you? Especially ones with bubbles and sweet smelling candles! I don't take them often due to a lack of patience in getting the water temperature right (resulting in burns) but what with the nights starting to draw in;when I do bother to take my time,they're epic! Today I'm sharing some potions I use during and after bathing.

*Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath 500ML*  £6.00 from
  •  Best to start off with the bubbles,eh? I have the mini size of this neat little product.It doesn't over-produce on the bubble side but gives off a lovely floral scent,typical to Soap & Glory.It seems to give the water a slightly 'silken' texture and feels quite posh indeed!

*Original Source Lime Shower Gel 250 ML* £1.00  from
  • I've started using this quite recently and it seems there's a correlation in the lime content of my shower gels! I appear to love smelling of citrus fruits.It's ever so fresh in scent and makes you feel really clean overall.It doesn't dry out my skin at all either.Also,the bottle is kind of nice to have up on your shower shelf isn't it?

*Simple Kind-To-Skin Moisturiser 125ML* £3.32 from
  • I know,I know - If you've known me for any amount of time,you know how much I rave and glorify this product.That's because it's bloody brilliant.I use this for all times of the day,including when I get out of the bath to replenish my skin,which can sometimes feel slightly tight once the moisture from the water evaporates.It's sort of a tide-over until I go back to my room and start the face routine!

*The Body Shop Body Butter in Vineyard Peach 200ML*  £13.00 from
  • Peaches has to be one of the loveliest scents ever to be inhaled by the olfactory instruments.The Body Shop released their Vineyard Peach range and I'm in love with this body butter..I use it immediately after getting out of a bath or shower and do a full-body moisturise.It keeps skin soft,extremely supple and the scent lingers.

*Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil* 30ML £20.00 from

  • I'm not best familiar with facial oils but since buying this one from Pai,it's made me want to branch out! Be warned,it smells nothing like roses..if a little strange in all honesty but it works,which is all that matters to me.It sticks around for quite awhile after application so this is definitely best for bed time.Alternatively,use a tissue to lightly blot away the excess oils from your face.It leaves me with smooth skin and a visibly brightened complexion,well worth my £20! 

Those are some of my favourite bath time products of the moment with mini-reviews - let me know what some of yours are with a comment. :D

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

DIY : Alcohol Brush Cleaner.

Hello! If you're reading this,you're probably one of three things -

1.) Travelling from my Makeup Collection Youtube video link (As promised!)
2.) A regular reader of my blog,
3.) An adventurous young explorer of this vast network we call the World Wide Web!

The common goal is to attain the super secret amazing recipe of how to make a quick,easy and sanitary brush cleaner solution.To be completely honest with you,the recipe isn't all that super-secret.Allonsy!

You'll need a couple of things to create the magic potio-er..I mean,the brush cleaner :

  • An empty,clean spray bottle with a removable cap and lid.
  • Some distilled water.
  • Surgical Spirit (Can be found very easily,for very cheap, on eBay.)

Take off the cap of the spray bottle,ensuring that any substances that made the bottle it's previous home are completely washed out and removed.Then take the distilled water and pour it in about three quarters of the way up.After this,add your Surgical Spirit into the last remaining quarter of the spray bottle,making the ingredients a 3:1 ratio.

Finish up with the cap and a firm shake,and that's it - You're done!

Now you can brag all about your super secret amazing brush cleaner to all of your friends.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

♥ Budget Beauty Buys ♥ - Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette.

Hey people - I just wanted to stop by and tell you about this awesome little palette I've been using a lot recently.I find myself reaching for it in the morning when I do my makeup quite frequently,since it consists of a lovely range of everyday neutral shades.The palm-sized palette comes with a basic black and white too!

My favourite all-over lid shade is the central row's 'medium' shade,which swatches as a subtle golden hue.I dust this over the lid and then apply the bottom row's 'dark' shade (a matte chocolate brown) in the outer V and crease,taking it just below the waterline too.For a highlight,I use the top row's 'light' colour and sweep it under the browbone.

Collection 2000's palette comes with the addition of a cream base which I,personally,am not overly fond of but would be great for a younger person starting off in makeup.The palette comes with a dual-ended applicator and instructions on how to use the shades,on the back.The packaging itself may be made of cardboard but it feels darn sturdy and passes the 'drop' test.



Bottom (Plus the sheer cream)

This is a lovely little palette that would work well even in the busiest of lives.It's compact and smart with colour choice.The only small gripe I have is the lack of mirror,but it's a small price to pay considering I only had to shell out £4.19 for the thing! 

Find it here from

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

| Autumn |

Hey everybody! 
Guess what day it is?!

September 22nd

Which means -

Are you as excited as I am? Good! I've got plenty of exciting autumnal makeup posts,as well as Halloween tutorials and fun little tid-bits coming your way,both here and on my Youtube channel.I'm planning to do an updated makeup collection video within the next week as well,so stay tuned!

Since it'll be getting colder from here on out,I may also include some clothing-type posts too (warm knitted scarves,patterned hats,woolly gloves etc). Though I don't consider myself a fashionista,I quite enjoy things like that myself,around this time of year.

Don't you just love the turning leaves?

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC's Cranberry - Single Eyeshadow.

Cranberry by MAC is a smouldering,red-burgundy shade with a bronze undertone.It applies opaque with one swipe and blends incredibly well.Makes a beautiful all-over lid colour and crease shade.Perfect for Autumn and Winter.

                                                                                  Swatched without a primer.

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