Tuesday, 29 January 2013

So I Got The Norovirus.

- But that's okay.I'm slowly getting better,every hour.I'm surprised at both how fast it came and how quickly it seems to be disapeering.I wonder if all anti-sickness medicines should just be substituted for flat Coca-Cola instead! That's what worked for me,anyway! After 5 hours of pure sickness (throwing up every 20 minutes to prove the point) I started to sip at the flat coke and it worked,sure enough,an hour later I was feeling significantly less ill.My body still aches a lot,so rest is required.The virus has prevented me from adding a video on my channel today,but you can always check out my last one - www.youtube.com/user/youe3

Anyway,moving on to other things - January feels like it's gone far too fast.I hope life doesn't speed up as you get older,that'd be a problem.I'm due to be 17 in April (28th,just in case you wondered ;D) and by the time I reach 20 I'm sure I'll be tutting,rolling my eyes and complaining about young whippersnappers and their fancy hovercrafts.

So to sum up that very small update,I'm an ill,cranky,nearly old woman.That is all.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips In-depth Overview.

Hello! :) 

It's lovely to have your company again,how are you? 

Today after filming my latest video,I decided I would get into gear and post a little bit about the Rimmel Apocalips liquid lipsticks/glosses/lacquers (They haven't really told us which)

 There's already been a lot of buzz surrounding the new editions to Rimmel's awesome lip product range and I shall be adding my two cents and some pictures to the growing pile! First off,I bought two of the eight colours available from the collection,They are called Celestial and Stellar.

Stellar (Top) is a rich,vivid pink-toned red with a whole lot of pigment.

Celestial (Bottom) is a mature,dusky rose shade with just a subtle hint of mauve.

Each Apocalips tube comes with 5.5ML of product,sporting a doe-foot applicator with a difference - a small indentation designed to hold more product,reducing the need for double-dipping and waste.The tubes themselves have an effective stopper,like mascara tubes,to prevent any lacquer from spilling out of it.For me,this packaging is grand! As well as being practical,the screw-top lids are decadent and luxurious looking,with an onyx 'crystal' style to them.

Packaging being a big win for Rimmel on this occassion,lets move on to the stuff inside the tube!

Here are some swatches to get across the opacity of these two shades - 

As you can see,Stellar (Top) is extremely vibrant,not to mention opaque.Infact,both are really.I love the consistency and texture of Stellar,which applies very evenly.Celestial takes about two coats to become fully opaque but is otherwise a fabulous colour.Each Apocalips is glossy and high shine,comparable to that of much higher-end products!

The best thing about these are how they feel.Soft,smooth,almost like a second skin to me.They aren't sticky at all and don't dry my lips out that quickly either.It took about 3-4 hours for these to start to look a little drying.They do rub off if activity is happening (Such as drinking,eating,smooching!) but I have yet to find any kind of lip product which doesn't transfer yet,such a shame! Otherwise,wear is good.

Overall,I'd say this is another best for Rimmel.The shade range is good,coming at us with 2 nude-y colours,a whole load of brights and one darker colour.I really enjoyed testing these out! 

Rimmel Apocalips are available from Rimmel's Facebook shop,priced at £5.99 each. - Click Here To Get Them!

Have you tried these out yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! :D

Hope you're having a fabulous day! 
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

GLOSSYBOX January 2013

Hello beauties! :3

I came bumbling home today and found a pretty pink and black box on my bed,waiting to be ripped open! (Perhaps not as viciously as that sounds...actually,it was pretty vicious.I like my little G-Box :3 )

So I proceeded in opening the box,and was greeted by the word "DETOX" in big,blue lettering..it seems that GLOSSYBOX has now opted for the large A3 paper to introduce their products,rather than the charming piece of card which they had previously used.Though I really do like the abundance of information on these new leaflets,it does feel a tad 'cheap'.Still,this isn't a really big issue. 

I dismembered the delicate tissue paper after untying the pink ribbon and folded back the sheets.This is what I found inside! - 

  • Eco-Boutique: Body Lotion with Aloe Leaf & Green Tea.
  • Monu: Micro-Exfoliant.
  • Murad: HydroDynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes.
  • BM Beauty: Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder.
  • Sanctuary Spa: Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask.

And as an added extra - 

  • A GLOSSYBOX branded Eye Mask.

The box didn't contain any full sizes,which was kind of a shame.But no matter,the fact that it included an eye cream was a massive thumbs up for me! My undereyes have been feeling extremely dry with the cold weather and winds here in Cornwall,so I'm looking forward to trying that out.

As with all things,I smell them! The Monu Micro-Exfoliant was fairly offensive on my olfactory instrument,rather annoying, but the Eco-Boutique lotion was fabulously aromatic.It seems very easy to ruin the smells of Aloe and Green Tea,equally,but this is right on the money with a subtle scent.

Though I have yet to try it out yet,the Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder from BM beauty looks a little overpowering for my taste,though I won't knock it till I've tried it! It looks quite finely milled in the pot and I can't stand chunky powders.

As for the Sanctuary Spa sachets,I'm a bit indifferent.On one hand,I hate sachets.They bore and annoy me,most due to there never being enough product to cover the fact.Also,this particular duo seems to be an age-fighting kind of thing,so I'm not sure if that's best suited to me.I've heard from GLOSSYBOX themselves that they don't always take your beauty profile into account (A little pointless filling them out then,says I.But oh well!)

The eye mask is a very big pro.I love love love quirky,gimmicky things like this,so good one GLOSSYBOX! 

As a whole,I like this box.It isn't the most exciting,sure,but it's one of those useful ones.I've heard a lot of people complaining about this month's box too.I guess some will find any excuse for something to moan about,eh?  :)

What do you think of this months GLOSSYBOX? 

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Saturday, 12 January 2013


I feel as though I've become some kind of mad scientist,since receiving the sample (Sample? Pfft.I was flabberghasted when I opened the package to find the whole entire freakin' mascara.Yes,I'm bloody grateful for it! ) of Rimmel's up and coming mascara to test and review.I started writing points down on a piece of paper,now it's covered in mindless ramblings of my thoughts throughout the day.

It came to my attention that I'm putting more research into my videos and blog posts etc,which is a very good thing.It's showing a bit of commitment I think.I just mustn't let it take over my life - something which is unlikely to happen since Beauty Therapy already takes over my life.

Currently,my life's focus is on the Cornish Skills competition,starting on the 1st of Feb.I draw faces on every flat surface I can and then proceed to decorate said face with a design based on my chosen theme,the overall theme being "Best of British History".I have to admit,I'd feel a little robbed if I didn't at least get third.I want this,rather a lot.And I've always been competitive when it mattered so..we can only hope!! The only part I'm shakey on is the half leg wax,which must be completed within 30 minutes.Then comes the manicures and the makeup.Practise makes perfect.Let the power of the makeup gods and goddesses be with me that day!

If I make it so far as the first round,I promise promise promise to do a tutorial of the look I did.Promise.Pinky.With a cherry on top.And cream too.....Possibly a dinosaur.A fluffy one.

x ~ x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Release from Rimmel:Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara.

Hey guys! So I wanted to talk to you about something really exciting,an up and coming product to the Rimmel mascara family! The 20th of Febuary sees the release of the all new 'Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara' and it's set to be a good one..this will be added to the 'Lash Accelerator' line as the name suggests.

The mascara will reportedly be made using the very exclusive sounding GROW-LASH formula from Rimmel, comprising of various lash boosting ingredients like Procapil and Keratin. They're claiming that the new buzz will make lashes ''Appear up to 99% longer.'' The mascara will be sold for £7.99 (GB) and will come in brown and black shades.

The product itself has been sent to me in the post as a preview and I cannot wait for it to arrive so that I can try and review it for you guys! This means you'll be able to decide in advance whether this could be right for you.

Will you be picking up this product when it hits the shelves? :)

x ~ x

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Okay,so I forgot to put a few things into a haul video I filmed today - 

Namely,a couple of NYX eyeshadows and a nail polish which (midway through filming) I couldn't find.The good news is,I found that sneaky nail polish.

And now I have some pictures for you! Kind of a mini review,cos I absolutely adore all of the things I'm about to show you.I'll start off with the eyeshadows.

From NYX cosmetics ( nyxcosmetics.co.uk) I got two of the single eyeshadows in shades ES64 and ES142 - ''Jungle Fever'' and ''Dune''.First off,love the names..very creative :3

                   Dune to the left,Jungle Fever on the right.                                Jungle Fever left,Dune right.

I absolutely adore the colours I bought..really happy with the quality of pigmentation too.They're almost creamy to the touch.Dune is a beautifully rich taupe/grey shade with a high amount of shimmer for it's colour.Jungle Fever sits pretty as a luscious,light 70's blue colour but with all the iridescence of sunbeams on rippling ocean waves!

Next to the nail polish from the Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze.Mine is in "Riveting" and is a vibrant orange shade with maximum shimmer and sparkle! I love how buildable this colour is.

 Modelled on my unattrative,nervously bitten nail!

All of these little tidbits are great and I'm overjoyed with these purchases.

Do you have any of the China Glaze nail polishes or NYX single eyeshadows? What do you think?

x ~ x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013!

I decided to leave it until the New Year to start posting on my blog again,as it was a chore to get to during December after my laptop broke.I'm now making it a bit more of a commitment.Now that I have a new camera,expect much higher quality photos!

As for the gift ideas thing,I'm really sorry I couldn't finish with the mens and kids gifts - There's always next year! xD

I'm really looking forward to what this year will bring, more of my amazing college course, my plastic surgery in June, making videos on Youtube amongst other things. I already have a couple of videos back up,go check them out! - www.youtube/user/youe3

I'm thinking about starting to do more tutorials now,as well as tips and just uploading overviews of products here with photos and prices etc.Reviews will be done on my channel on Youtube.I think this will make it alot easier as you (the viewer) will be able to find out more information about a certain product if you want to.I may do the odd review if I deem the product worthy. ;)

My New Years resolution is playing to the tune of drinking more water..since I don't take in nearly enough in actuality.It should start improving my skin too.
Do you have any New Years resolutions?

Much love. :)

x ~ x