Wednesday, 16 January 2013

GLOSSYBOX January 2013

Hello beauties! :3

I came bumbling home today and found a pretty pink and black box on my bed,waiting to be ripped open! (Perhaps not as viciously as that sounds...actually,it was pretty vicious.I like my little G-Box :3 )

So I proceeded in opening the box,and was greeted by the word "DETOX" in big,blue seems that GLOSSYBOX has now opted for the large A3 paper to introduce their products,rather than the charming piece of card which they had previously used.Though I really do like the abundance of information on these new leaflets,it does feel a tad 'cheap'.Still,this isn't a really big issue. 

I dismembered the delicate tissue paper after untying the pink ribbon and folded back the sheets.This is what I found inside! - 

  • Eco-Boutique: Body Lotion with Aloe Leaf & Green Tea.
  • Monu: Micro-Exfoliant.
  • Murad: HydroDynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes.
  • BM Beauty: Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder.
  • Sanctuary Spa: Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask.

And as an added extra - 

  • A GLOSSYBOX branded Eye Mask.

The box didn't contain any full sizes,which was kind of a shame.But no matter,the fact that it included an eye cream was a massive thumbs up for me! My undereyes have been feeling extremely dry with the cold weather and winds here in Cornwall,so I'm looking forward to trying that out.

As with all things,I smell them! The Monu Micro-Exfoliant was fairly offensive on my olfactory instrument,rather annoying, but the Eco-Boutique lotion was fabulously aromatic.It seems very easy to ruin the smells of Aloe and Green Tea,equally,but this is right on the money with a subtle scent.

Though I have yet to try it out yet,the Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder from BM beauty looks a little overpowering for my taste,though I won't knock it till I've tried it! It looks quite finely milled in the pot and I can't stand chunky powders.

As for the Sanctuary Spa sachets,I'm a bit indifferent.On one hand,I hate sachets.They bore and annoy me,most due to there never being enough product to cover the fact.Also,this particular duo seems to be an age-fighting kind of thing,so I'm not sure if that's best suited to me.I've heard from GLOSSYBOX themselves that they don't always take your beauty profile into account (A little pointless filling them out then,says I.But oh well!)

The eye mask is a very big pro.I love love love quirky,gimmicky things like this,so good one GLOSSYBOX! 

As a whole,I like this box.It isn't the most exciting,sure,but it's one of those useful ones.I've heard a lot of people complaining about this month's box too.I guess some will find any excuse for something to moan about,eh?  :)

What do you think of this months GLOSSYBOX? 

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  1. ooh your is another different box .good box and blog

    ive followed you

    1. Yeah,I've seen a lot of different kinds of boxes about this month! Thanks so much for following and I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. :)
      x ~ x