Sunday, 20 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips In-depth Overview.

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Today after filming my latest video,I decided I would get into gear and post a little bit about the Rimmel Apocalips liquid lipsticks/glosses/lacquers (They haven't really told us which)

 There's already been a lot of buzz surrounding the new editions to Rimmel's awesome lip product range and I shall be adding my two cents and some pictures to the growing pile! First off,I bought two of the eight colours available from the collection,They are called Celestial and Stellar.

Stellar (Top) is a rich,vivid pink-toned red with a whole lot of pigment.

Celestial (Bottom) is a mature,dusky rose shade with just a subtle hint of mauve.

Each Apocalips tube comes with 5.5ML of product,sporting a doe-foot applicator with a difference - a small indentation designed to hold more product,reducing the need for double-dipping and waste.The tubes themselves have an effective stopper,like mascara tubes,to prevent any lacquer from spilling out of it.For me,this packaging is grand! As well as being practical,the screw-top lids are decadent and luxurious looking,with an onyx 'crystal' style to them.

Packaging being a big win for Rimmel on this occassion,lets move on to the stuff inside the tube!

Here are some swatches to get across the opacity of these two shades - 

As you can see,Stellar (Top) is extremely vibrant,not to mention opaque.Infact,both are really.I love the consistency and texture of Stellar,which applies very evenly.Celestial takes about two coats to become fully opaque but is otherwise a fabulous colour.Each Apocalips is glossy and high shine,comparable to that of much higher-end products!

The best thing about these are how they feel.Soft,smooth,almost like a second skin to me.They aren't sticky at all and don't dry my lips out that quickly either.It took about 3-4 hours for these to start to look a little drying.They do rub off if activity is happening (Such as drinking,eating,smooching!) but I have yet to find any kind of lip product which doesn't transfer yet,such a shame! Otherwise,wear is good.

Overall,I'd say this is another best for Rimmel.The shade range is good,coming at us with 2 nude-y colours,a whole load of brights and one darker colour.I really enjoyed testing these out! 

Rimmel Apocalips are available from Rimmel's Facebook shop,priced at £5.99 each. - Click Here To Get Them!

Have you tried these out yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! :D

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