Tuesday, 29 January 2013

So I Got The Norovirus.

- But that's okay.I'm slowly getting better,every hour.I'm surprised at both how fast it came and how quickly it seems to be disapeering.I wonder if all anti-sickness medicines should just be substituted for flat Coca-Cola instead! That's what worked for me,anyway! After 5 hours of pure sickness (throwing up every 20 minutes to prove the point) I started to sip at the flat coke and it worked,sure enough,an hour later I was feeling significantly less ill.My body still aches a lot,so rest is required.The virus has prevented me from adding a video on my channel today,but you can always check out my last one - www.youtube.com/user/youe3

Anyway,moving on to other things - January feels like it's gone far too fast.I hope life doesn't speed up as you get older,that'd be a problem.I'm due to be 17 in April (28th,just in case you wondered ;D) and by the time I reach 20 I'm sure I'll be tutting,rolling my eyes and complaining about young whippersnappers and their fancy hovercrafts.

So to sum up that very small update,I'm an ill,cranky,nearly old woman.That is all.

x ~ x

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