Saturday, 12 January 2013


I feel as though I've become some kind of mad scientist,since receiving the sample (Sample? Pfft.I was flabberghasted when I opened the package to find the whole entire freakin' mascara.Yes,I'm bloody grateful for it! ) of Rimmel's up and coming mascara to test and review.I started writing points down on a piece of paper,now it's covered in mindless ramblings of my thoughts throughout the day.

It came to my attention that I'm putting more research into my videos and blog posts etc,which is a very good thing.It's showing a bit of commitment I think.I just mustn't let it take over my life - something which is unlikely to happen since Beauty Therapy already takes over my life.

Currently,my life's focus is on the Cornish Skills competition,starting on the 1st of Feb.I draw faces on every flat surface I can and then proceed to decorate said face with a design based on my chosen theme,the overall theme being "Best of British History".I have to admit,I'd feel a little robbed if I didn't at least get third.I want this,rather a lot.And I've always been competitive when it mattered so..we can only hope!! The only part I'm shakey on is the half leg wax,which must be completed within 30 minutes.Then comes the manicures and the makeup.Practise makes perfect.Let the power of the makeup gods and goddesses be with me that day!

If I make it so far as the first round,I promise promise promise to do a tutorial of the look I did.Promise.Pinky.With a cherry on top.And cream too.....Possibly a dinosaur.A fluffy one.

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