Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Insight : Two Faced?

Hey everybody.

I was sat thinking after I'd filmed a video and was uploading.I noted how expressionless I seemed in the video,in comparison to my very busy mind and the way I'd like to speak aloud and felt like I needed to address it.

I often wonder if I come across as very numb on camera,or whether I don't shine to my full potential.My voice seems to be more easily projected through words on a screen.I can get my emotions out a lot clearer,without a fuss about tone of voice,context etc.It got me wondering even more - are we a generation of socially awkward people? I know I,and a couple of my closer friends, certainly have trouble dealing with certain public social situations.I can take things the wrong way in real life,yet I understand subtexts through writing.

Struggling with my own internal anxiety isn't great fun anyway,then to have the daily life problems of a teenager piled on top of us (as a group) is bloody hard stuff.We can convey ourselves in a more reasonable way online,in a way that's safe and most of the time,without risk.

Of course,there were always going to be idiots who take it too far - we get those in every social situation.It's how we get stereotypes.

So I also pondered on the possibility of it going too far.Where we are completely detached from our 'other self',like we're a ghost image of the person we'd like to be;who we'd pretend to be on the internet and on other platforms.

When does it go too far? When does it become Two Faced? 

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