Thursday, 21 February 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter.

Hey all! I hope you're doing well today. :) 

I recently purchased the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter.So I'm doing a quick review of the product for your viewing! 

So here it is..the product itself.Personally,I absolutely love the packaging of this Highlighter.Unlike the packaging on the Undress Me Too Palette from the same line,this seems to appeal to me a bit more(Even though it's still white!).It features a snap-shut clasp and a deep set pan of the powder.

When opening the lid,care must be taken.For me,I had to be careful not to scratch into the beautifully embossed surface of the highlighter with my nails.Another point - I love the raised effect they've created here! Isn't it gorgeous and swirly?

The embossed design reminds me a lot of the MAC Extra Dimension line! 

As you can see,this powder comes with a brilliant amount of product - 7.5g! What a steal,for only £2.00 on the MUA website.The brand claims that it's a "Lightweight powder that transforms your complexion with luminescent shimmer."

Application is smooth and gives lovely payoff.You may need to swipe your brush over twice or so to get full shimmer,but a light hand is required for a lot of highlighters,making this one much easier to work with - Especially for paler complexions! I love this on my cheekbones.

If you're not one for shimmer,this is certainly not for you.But I think it adds a touch of sparkle to the face,brightening it up a bit.

On a whole,I really love this highlighter.It's cheap,cheerful and packed with pigment! 

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