Friday, 22 February 2013

NOTD - Pillar Box Sparkle.

Hello everyone! :) 

Today's NOTD is inspired by our typical British pillar post boxes - but with glitter! I'm loving this manicure style,since I'm a complete sucker for any kind of red shade in the makeup world.The glitter polish is subtle and after all,who doesn't need a little glitter in their lives? 

This design would also be a great festive look!

How I created these nails.

This manicure was a piece of cake to create! After applying base coat,simply lay down a few coats of a true-red varnish (Around 2-3 should do) - I used Rimmel London's I <3 Lasting Finish polish in 030 'Double Decker Red'.This is probably my personal favourite red nail lacquer! 

After allowing the coats to dry (Top Tip : Use a hairdryer at 40cm +  away to speed up the process!) and cleaning up any rough edges with a Q-Tip,apply 2 coats of a fine glitter polish,taking the time to distribute the flecks evenly.For this,I used a polish from George - 18 'Jackpot'.

Finish off with a top coat to seal the glitter in,and it's done! 

How difficult? 

This manicure was extremely easy! Getting the smooth edges is an important part of the finished result,so I give this a 2/5 rating on the difficulty scale!

Give this one a go,I'm sure you won't be disappointed by the results.You can send me any other designs you've created via Twitter too! Follow me @IYoue3I :D

Take care! 

x ~ x

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