Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliners.

Hello everyone!

Today I'm bringing you a review on some lovely pencil eyeliners from Rimmel - the brand of the hour!

Yes,it's true that Rimmel seem to be taking the world by storm at the moment,releasing many fabulous products.With all the buzz,it's hard not to get confused! But here's my overview of the products.

Rimmel claims that these eyeliners are "Waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, heat-proof, humidity-proof and scandal- proof!"
Honestly,I have to say that a lot of these claims are true to product! This makes me a very happy Amy.

I picked up four of these eyeliners,the shades are as followed - 

  • Black 001
  • Purple 013
  • Silver 010
  • Nude 005
Not exactly the most creative of names,but I prefer this to nonsense names like "midnight sky vixen frilly essence of peacock"! You get my point.I think.

There's nothing especially extravagant about the packaging,simple and elegant is my favourite.I love the clear tops,enabling the customer/user to see which colour they're getting.Even if this wasn't there,the pencils are clearly in colour co-ordination.The style of 'nib' is the same as the Urban Decay 24/7 liners we all know and love!

As for the stuff inside of the pencil,another story entirely.Where do I begin? They're absolutely FABULOUS.Soft,creamy and extremely opaque where they need to be.Payoff from the Silver,Nude and Black are astounding.The purple is slightly less opaque but makes up for this with the smokey,rich colour.

I love the blendability.All of them are easy to smudge on the water/lash line.But they stay put.They will only come off when you tell them to!

The price is equally mesmerizing for the quality of product.A ear-easing £3.99.It's quite a stretch from the Urban Decay pencils,making them a cheaper dupe! 
Overall I'm really pleased with these liners.Rimmel have consistently given their customers epic products for a few months now..these will not fail to disappoint.

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