Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette.

Hey all.Today was not a good day,and hence I won't be able to film.I don't look so great as a result of tiredness.Anyway,I decided I would substitute the video with an extensive blog post on a palette I received in the post today.Urban Decay came out with their latest eyeshadow palette edition to the NAKED line - The NAKED Basics!

The palette comes with six eyeshadows ,with the same amount of product in each as the original NAKED palette and the NAKED 2.The box comes complete with the shade range,as with every single Urban Decay palette.The product features five matte and one satin shade.

It's rather a dinky little thing.Fitting neatly into the palm of my hand,I believe it's the smallest palette UD have released.A sweet 10cm of velvet-textured plastic.
Inside,the palette features a wide,well sized mirror and the shadows set out,chronologically in depth of shade.The only very annoying part about this palette,is that it's a tricky one to open! I had to prise for a couple of minutes before I could open it.

The Colours
From left to right,the colours are as followed - 
'Venus','Foxy','W.O.S'(Walk of Shame),'Naked 2','Faint' and 'Crave'.

VENUS - Venus is the exception in this 'all matte' palette.It is the only satin shade in the box,and a lovely one at that.This colour is surprisingly opaque and creamy,with a buttermilk undertone.This would be a great highlight and inner corner colour.

FOXY - This shade is a lovely yellow-cream shade,reminiscent of cheddar (food references left,right and centre..I must be hungry!) A gorgeous base colour for light-skinned ladies and gentlemen.

W.O.S - W.O.S looks slight lighter than Foxy in the pan,but it comes off as a deeper,more peachy colour.It's warm and a great basic neutral.

NAKED 2 - Naked 2 is the cult colour of this palette.After featuring in the NAKED 2 palette,I guess UD couldn't resist putting it in this one! It's a beige-tan colour,with delicate taupe and grey undertones.

FAINT - Faint is the deepest 'brown' shade in the palette.Rather chocolatey and rich - a lovely crease colour atop Naked 2,W.O.S or Foxy.

CRAVE - The blackest of all the blacks.It's a state of perfection for matte enthusiasts.Crave is a true coal black.It can be used for both sharp and smokey looks.

See my swatches below for a look at the colours!

So overall,when asking the question "Do I need this palette in my life?",consider a couple of things. 

1 - Do you already have the NAKED 2 palette? 

2 - Do you already own a lot of UD's individual neutral shadows?

Personally,I think it's an epic palette,since reformulating their shadows,Urban Decay have stepped up.Worth the £20.00 price tag? Absolutely.In fact,the price is what made it more attractive.It's an investment for some,but with such great payoff from light swatches,this palette will last you for a very long time!

What did you think of the Urban Decay NAKED Basics palette? Will you be picking yours up soon? Let me know in the comments! 

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