Monday, 11 March 2013

Brand Battle : Urban Decay Primer Potion VS Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Hi! How are you? I've decided to start a segment on this blog entitled "Brand Battle".These will happen whenever two different companies/brands put out a product which looks or feels the same,and claim to do the same things as eachother.I will compare the two,and write my thoughts on each one,respectively.

Today is the turn of the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion,and the slightly lesser known Too Faced Shadow Insurance! How will they measure up against eachother? Keep reading to find out.

First off,let's talk packaging.

UD has clearly spent time trying to take snippets of the original primer potion bottle and put it into this sleek new design.It's all very 'fantasy',with the silver genie bottle lid.The box in which it came (pictured right) felt almost wooden and heavy.There's a clear sense of this being a prestige product.The purple theme carried throughout is another nod towards luxury.The actual tube fits neat into it's little slot in the 'wooden' compartment with the whole thing inside a plastic sleeve.

With the Shadow Insurance,it's tube is less impressive than the Primer Potion.However,it isn't tacky or underdone.It's colour scheme and cursive font gave me a Parisian sort of feel.It's dainty and the tube is significantly thinner in width than UD's primer.There is less packaging with this product,which some may feel is helpful due to less waste.

The tubes are both squeezy,meaning you may have to be careful with how much you decant on the first try of these products.After one or two applications,you'll get a feel for how much is nessecary on your eyelids.
Urban Decay's PP has a slightly larger nozzle than Too Faced's.

 As for content,UD gives you slightly more primer than Too Faced.The difference is minute though,so it shouldn't be much of a problem.The pricing is something to be aware of.

 TFSI retails for £17.00 whereas UDPP retails for a cheaper £14.50 (Prices vary in certain online shops.)

Top Photo : Too Faced on the Left,UD on the Right.
Bottom Photo : Too Faced on Left,UD on the Right.

The primers are similar in appearance when swatched on the hand.Both a beige-ish fleshtone with a tiny bit of undetectable sparkle.Shadow Insurance appears to be slightly more sheer than the Primer Potion.The Primer Potion felt ever so slightly grainy,whereas the Shadow Insurance was much more smooth in texture.

So now,for the actual test.How do they wear? How do pigments look on each primer compared to eachother?

For the colour test,I used Sugarpill's Buttercupcake - A bright,shocking yellow with golden undertones.

As you may be able to see,Urban Decay's version has come up a lot stronger in payoff than Too Faced.It is a richer base,therefore more prone to making shadows look opaque.I was disappointed in the Shadow Insurance,mostly because I noticed no difference between a swatch of the shadow on bare skin,without primer.
As for wear,I wore UD on one eye and Too Faced on the other,just to really get the differences..I was slightly shocked by how much more sheer Too Faced looked.I had to really pack on the shadow to get it anywhere near as bright as UD made it.The actual wear time was a shocker too.UD was lasting for at least 6-7 hours before I saw any signs of creasing (Normal for me with my oily lids).Too Faced creased on me around 3 hours in.

Overall,for the amount of money paid,I can now sympathize with a lot of people who have written negative reviews about Too Faced Shadow Insurance.I will,of course,use it, and it isn't a BAD primer but I will only wear it for light colours.

The UD has me really impressed.It certainly took the metaphorical biscuit in this Brand Battle.Well done to Urban Decay!

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