Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Concrete Minerals Swatches & Overview.

Hey everybody! I got a package in the post this morning and was way too excited to wait and do a video (which I'm still contemplating.) - My Concrete Minerals products arrived!

I figured I may as well do a little swatchy-swatchy and an review,so without further ado,onto the gorgeous pigments.

Starting off,the packaging is simple yet eye catching.Each little pot fits neatly into the palm of one's hand,and the pigment brackets are distinguished by the diferent coloured lids and stickers. (IE : Mattes & Shimmers)
Mattes are white,with bright rainbow flashes around the logo,whilst the Shimmers are black with the original CM name printed in pink.I personally,am a big fan of the font.


The mattes are the crowning glory of Concrete Minerals.It's what lead them to the small success story they are now! I recall that it was Leesha (xsparkage.com) who brought the range to my attention in one of her videos.I'm so happy that she did!

The colours I decided on (with much difficulty,since they all looked scrumptious.) were as followed : 

Hi-Fi : A matte,shockingly bright,fluorescent pink. (CM describe it as Magenta,but I'm not so sure.)

Toxic : A matte bio-hazardous green with a lime subtone.

Bulletproof : A matte,true ocean blue.

Cue the ethereal music and little cupids fluttering about - These colours are nothing short of fabulous.They're soft,they're completely matte,they're pigmented like no other and they're opaque! Opacity is something I value highly in any eyeshadow.You get a neat 2.5g of product in these dinky pots,going for $8.00 a piece.

Hi-Fi (Left) Toxic (Middle) Bulletproof (Right)
All colours swatched without a primer.


The Mattes may be good,but these are another thing entirely! I'm absolutely in love with these super shimmery,colour-shifting pigments.They're the original CM product.

I chose :

Lithium : A pure,platinum silver with a rose gold shift.

Blood & Guts : A rusty red with a (accurately described) 'bright aqua shift'.

Lithium is everything I want from a pigment - tons of sparkle and silver.Silver is generally an attractive colour to me,as with all shiny things.I'm a bit of a magpie.These shades are surprisingly creamy for loose pigments - they tend to glide very well,and they blend.These come in pots containing 1.5g and cost $7.00 per.CM often put on little offers anyway,so you're likely to be able to purchase a shade or two on sale!

Lithium (Left) Blood & Guts (Right)
All colours swatched without a primer.

One more tick on the list for CM is their choice of names - they're pretty fun and imaginative.Customer service was awesome,and the people behind it all seem very pleasant and upbeat! The goodies took just 8 days (from despatch) to get to me in the UK.Also included in the package was a coupon code,two amazing sample sizes and a thank you card,explaining how to use the pigments.Overall,a great experience.

A big thumbs up to Concrete Minerals!

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