Friday, 15 March 2013

Dainty Doll Foundation - 003 Medium.

Hello koalas! 

I'm finally getting down to this pesky review - the one I've been putting off for AGGEESS.Ever since I made the video on my channel - 

So here it is! My overview and swatches of the Dainty Doll Foundation.My shade is Medium 003,the second darkest shade in the line of pale foundations.The collection "Dainty Doll" was launched by Girls Aloud star,Nicola Roberts - A pioneer of pale skinned makeup!

Starting off with packaging ,here's a snap of the bottle itself,including it's box :

The bottle is gorgeous and sleek.I'm happy that they didn't overdress it.Matte black base colours,golden cursive and a slinky doll image give the packaging an luxury feel overall.Another plus to the functionality of the bottle,is the integrated pump,as it makes for less wastage and easier decanting! You get a total volume of 30ml of product.

As mentioned,I bought Medium 003.They have two lighter colours in 001 and 002,but I was worried that both of these would be too light for me.001 is apparantly as close to white as you'll get,when it comes to foundations!

I've really enjoyed the colour match.It was refreshing to not have to blend a slightly darker foundation down onto my neck for a change.The only thing I really wish was better is the coverage.It isn't bad,but for someone with a mild case of acne,it's tough to find many products which cover up the damage.I have to load up on concealer in my problem areas.

It's pretty good on lasting power.I wore this to college and found that it only started to break down after around 7 hours.There's no claim on lasting power,so I can't complain at all!

This foundation didn't settle into my dimples (or fine lines,which I don't have many of!) or cling to dry patches on my face.It works well with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in 001 Translucent.

As a whole,I do like this foundation.On good skin days (without excessive acne),I might be able to get away with this foundation.My skin is on the up anyway,so hopefully I'll be set to use this for summer.I'm not a bronzer or tan person so I'm not worried about colour change.

Have you tried this foundation out? What did you think?

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