Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I-Look Designs.

Lately I've been partial to the late-night designing of eyeshadow designs,by drawing little almond shapes and colouring around them.I managed to carry out a few of these drawings in person..I'm seriously considering doing some kind of video tutorial on my channel for my I-Look section.

It's rather corny,but yes,it did remind me of a sunset.I did this using the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette.I enjoy the flame style gradient.It also gave me the chance to use more of my Urban Decay Primer Potion(NO CREASING.HAPPY DAYS!) Love + just above the crease really made it pop.

Secondly,based upon the sly shades of Maleficent,this little beauty popped into my head.I was all grabby-hands for the purple eyeshadow and makeup brushes.Granted,the eyeliner for this took awhile to figure out,but I'm pleased with the outcome - a touch of venomous green just to top it off.

I've got a whole lot more ideas down on paper that I'm really excited to create - so watch this space for future additions.

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