Sunday, 3 March 2013

NOTD - Cheetah/Feline.

Hello beautifuls! 

For today's NOTD (Nails of the Day.) I was experimenting with different types of nail polish and somehow came up with this little gem.I really love the way it looks - a little 'big cat'-ish.The base polish I used was somewhat reflective,hence why it looks slightly patchy from the flash on my camera!

How I created these nails.

This varnish creation was created using a total of four polishes.First,lay down a OPI base coat on your clean nails and then apply one coat of a light Golden shade.I used "Queen of Hearts" from the Disney Villains collection! 

After letting this dry for a couple of minutes (or using my hairdryer trick),apply one thin coat of a black crackle nail polish.For this manicure,I used a Models Own Smash-Up varnish.You can gently blow on the nail after you've applied this coat to seperate the cracks even more,for a spaced out effect.

Where needed,paint on another layer and then leave the design to dry for about 4-5 minutes - then put on a top coat (OPI) and you're all finished!

How difficult? 

This polish design was pretty easy to create,but getting the balance of crackle polish just right can be hard to master,I give this a 3/5 difficulty rating! Try it out for yourself!

I hope you enjoy painting this creation.

x ~ x

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