Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes v2 Palette swatches. (Darks)

Hey everyone! - I was scouring my local Superdrug for a different product entirely as I'd heard of Sleek releasing yet another limited edition palette called "Lagoon"..well..when I finally found the thing,I was sadly disappointed by what I saw.There I was,swatching away.I took a swatch of the payoff.No matter,there's always a dud shade,right? Wrong.I kept on swatching and only found about four colours with any GOOD freakin' pigment! I wasn't prepared to spend out on something which wasn't all that pleasing.I wondered whether I'd just gotten a bad tester palette - no idea!

It was a real shame,as that palette appeared to be really summery and pretty.

So instead,I got this palette,the Ultra Mattes v2,featuring a multitude of gorgeous,smokey dark shades!!

Featured in the typical Sleek black box packaging,the palette comes with a double-ended sponge tipped applicator and a product card.As you can see from below,the palette also sports a massive mirror.Again,my only nag with any of the Sleek i-Divine's is the lack of labelling - these come with an annoying plastic overlay with each shadow's name instead of a print (Pictured in the mirror below)

Left to Right.
Top : Orbit,Ink,Highness,Noir,Dune,Pillow Talk.
Bottom : Thunder,Maple,Flesh,Paper Bag,Villain,Fern.

Orbit,Ink,Highness,Noir,Dune,Pillow Talk.    

                                                            Thunder,Maple,Flesh,Paper Bag,Villain,Fern.    

The colours are sensational.Beautiful rich darks and a couple of autumnal inspired lighter colours,like Maple and Flesh.There is however,one dud colour - "Dune" was not as pleasing in pigment concentration.Either way,I couldn't complain for the price,as I'm very happy with the other shades in this palette.Orbit,Fern and Highness are definite favourites! 

I'm thinking about trying the Ultra Mattes v1 - Brights,what do you think of this palette?

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