Friday, 8 March 2013

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette.

Hello everybody!

I hope you're well today.I purchased the famed Sugarpill Burning Heart palette and loved it so much that I wanted to share a review with you guys!

First off,I just want to express how extremely beautiful this palette is.It's so pretty to look at! All sparkly,sugary and sweet pink.

The palette is fashioned with a magnet,meaning it shuts pretty well - and stays shut.Travelling with this palette should be just fine.At a neat 8.5cm x 9.5cm,it's non-clunky.

I've always loved the adorable Sugarpill kitty on the back of the packaging,and appreciate easy the layout of the colours.Again,I'm mesmerized by the combo of hot pink and black.There's a very decorative mirror in the inside of the flap too.The only drawback of the packaging is a lack of description.The only notable description is a large section on the back of the cardboard box.But who keeps the box?!

So moving on to the actual shadows,which you get 16g of.They're equally fabulous.The palette is probably most famous for it's true red shade "Love +".I have to admit,when I swatched it,my eyes widened up to the size of dinner plates.Unfortunately,my camera was incapable of capturing it's real beauty,but it is very strong in pigment,and of course,easily buildable.

Pictured,left to right : Buttercupcake,Flamepoint,Love + & Poisonplum.
All of the colours are swatched without primer.

Aren't they gorgeous? Buttercupcake is my favourite of the quad,since it's such a vibrant and unique bright yellow.I can see this being used a lot in conjunction with Flamepoint.As far as shadow quality,Buttercupcake,Flamepoint & Poisonplum are all very soft and creamy.Love +,I found,was a tad chalky,but nothing too terrible.The opacity of all the shades are epic!

The palette was medium priced - at £25.99 plus shipping in the UK (

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