Friday, 5 April 2013

Korres Lip Butter : Mango

Hi all!

I was mooching about the ASOS website a couple of days ago,searching for a good black,faux leather skirt.I found the skirt,but whilst looking around I came across some of the Korres lip butters.I'd heard a lot about them on Youtube so I wanted to try one before buying out the entire Korres line.

I'm really into fruity scents in general so I ordered the Mango flavour.I figured it would be great for Spring and Summer.

The packaging is super cute and an epic travel sized product.Even in the box,it fits neatly into the palm of your hand.I really appreciate the lack of bulky plastic.Plus it's simple,which means it's easy.

Another thing that I like so far about Korres is their un-inflated claims.Again,everything is easy to understand and doesn't baffle with sciencey words.Once the actual lip butter pot has been taken out of it's packaging,the thin cardboard can be folded out to reveal a ton of information about the company and the product.I've heard some people complaining about the nature of the pot and having to dip into it to retrieve the lip butter but I personally don't feel like this is a problem.

So the actual product exceeded my expectations in pigmentation department - It's bright orange! It also looks really pretty on the lips,as a light flush of colour.The lip butter doesn't really taste of much,but you can still smell it when it's on,which in itself is enough to make you salivate.Seriously,the smell is INCREDIBLE.The product is non-sticky and glides on smoothly.

Korres have made this product ultra-moisturising,true to claim and extremely pretty for Spring & Summer.I love it so much that I featured it in my latest video! - 

I'm really excited to use this during the warmer months and will probably be trying more of these.

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