Saturday, 13 April 2013

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish : Lightscapade. (MAC x Hayley Williams Collection.)

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Today I'm bringing you my review of this online re-promoted Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC.I'm so excited to use this,since it's my first MS! This is featured in the current MAC x Hayley Williams Collection. (Yes,that's right,singer Hayley Williams from Paramore!) So far,everything except the MS and the nail polish is sold out on the UK website,unfortunately.So if you're in the market for Lightscapade,grab it while you still can! Hayley herself specifically requested that this product be brought back for her collaboration.

Anyway,on with the review.

The typical matte black packaging of MAC,with it's thin logo and printed name are sported on this product.I love MAC's packaging anyway so I wasn't fussed on having anything fancy for this collection.Besides,you can't keep the cardboard can you? 
The compact is a clip-shut design with a clear top and sturdy plastic to encompass the dome shaped product.

The powder itself is fabulous visually.With blue,orange and hints of purple veining throughout,it's appealing to the eye.It reminded me very much of a planet.

The MS does not transfer heavily - this is a rather subtle colour which I would use first and foremost as a highlight on the cheekbones and other light-points on the face.It blends out smoothly and evenly to create a beautiful,soft shimmer effect.After all,I wouldn't want tons of glitter on my face unless I was going for the Cullen look.

I think this is a really lovely product,not too sparkly and not too light for my skin tone (Pale with Olive undertones).I enjoy the texture and really look forward to incorporating this into my makeup routines.

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