Monday, 6 May 2013

Clone Wars? Thoughts On Cosmetic Ripping.[Language Warning]

Well..they've done it again!

It takes quite a lot for me to write up an entire blog post about one subject such as this,but I was amazed when I really looked,to see just how many companies were clearly taking ideas from others and still sticking their brand on the front! I do have a few examples to show you,then I'll elaborate more on them.

First off,this was a pretty recent case.A couple of months ago,Revlon released a new foundation with the name "Nearly Naked".It claimed to be a light coverage foundation.
A few months previous to this,however,Urban Decay came out with their NAKED Basics Palette and years before that was the original NAKED Palette.I was slightly shocked when I saw this..

<--Look familiar? -->

Just..what is that all about? Scary right? But maybe that's just one company.A slip under the radar?


The next are two nail polish collections that look way too alike for it to be a simple co-incidence.Essie has been producing their polishes in little embossed glasses for ages..then within the last month,MUA brings out their new line.Take a look.

Essie is on the left,MUA on the right.

Incredibly,MUA didn't even have the good sense to put their brand name on the opposite side of the bottle after they stole the idea.Even with the exact same white cap.They flipped the name so that it lies to the right subtle of them (Sarcasm intended.).

One other incident that I'd like to present,is that of the original Revlon Lip Butters and Maybelline's latest subsequent answer to these,the Colour Whispers.Not only did they take the idea of the product,but they put it in almost exactly the same style of packaging.Revlon to the left,Maybelline on the right.

 There it is.Same rectangular    shape,same oval lip product,same metal swivel top,same semi-see through lid..same everything!


Maybe it's just a strange little part of myself,but all of this bugs me.Make your own damn ideas,brands! We buy your crap for a reason.And don't take us all for fools either,some of us can see past your un-originality.

These are just a few of the most prominent ones out there on the market.There are tons more! Take Sigma and Sedona Lace for instance.The thing is,we put our trust in brands to come up with cool new products for us to use.It's also degrading for the original company,I mean I'd be pretty fucked off if I saw someone parading around,advertising a new product or new packaging that -I'd- thought up and taken the time to develop.

It's not like brands do it for the's just that they wish they'd thought of it first.I'm not even implying that these secondary products don't work or aren't good.

I don't know,maybe it's just me being ranty,like I said.Does it ever get on your nerves to see stuff like this?

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