Sunday, 5 May 2013

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo-Fiber Collection.

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I caught Pixiwoo's video a couple of weeks ago,something about a new line of duo-fiber brushes coming out.Though they're due to appear in Boots tommorow (May 5th) I managed to pre-order from iHerb and so I'm bringing you this review!

As with all of the RT brushes,they're made from 'ultra soft taklon bristles' for a 'pixel perfect finish'.I trust this brand to do a good job with their brushes,they've never let me down thus far! The box is the same as all the other RT brush sets,excluding the usual brush holder/pouch/travel bag.I wasn't too fussed on the absence of another anyway,since my other three already fit most of my entire brush collection on their own.

All of the brushes sport black and white handles.I'm not a fan personally,but I can understand the look they were trying to create.

As displayed on the box,these are Limited Edition.I'm unsure how they're using the term 'limited edition' though,since  many LE products in the past have remained available for a considerable amount of time before discontinuation.

The collection comes with three brushes total,here's a break down :

   The duo-fiber Face Brush - A fairly dense brush in terms of Duo-Fiber.It's large and would be great for powder.It is extremely soft and is shaped like a paddle.This brush has a clenched ferrule which means it is pretty flat on both sides.

The duo-fiber contour brush - This one's a little gem.It's size means it would be perfect for apply blush,bronzer and highlighter.Like the Face Brush,it's dense and packed with lush bristles.Because the brush is synthetic,it will work in favour of cream products also.

The duo-fiber eye brush - My least favourite,but still effective.The problem I have with this brush is that it's simply too prickly.I feel like the bristles have been cut too harshly with this one.It works well to move product though due to the density,but I just can't use this on my eye - this one will be put into the highlighter category until I can find out how to soften it.

Overall,I feel that this collection is worth the money simply for the first two brushes.The last one was a bit of a fail,but oh well.We win and lose some.Maybe I got a dud batch of eye brushes or it just needs breaking in? 

So that all for the brushes,will you be looking out for this collection in the shops?

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