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Affordable Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit - Face Category.

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A couple of days ago I was venturing through the hallowed halls that are Superdrug and Boots during my little retail therapy trip and I happened upon a scene.I overheard (*listened in on,I'm a nosy bugger.*) a group of young-ish teens talking about their makeup experiences..what they were keen to try,what they were unsure on in the cosmetic world and what they thought of certain products.It got me thinking.

With no prior product knowledge,literally building from the ground up,what would I reccommend to these girls,given the chance?

What sort of mini-kit would I compile to give to them in order for them to start their own makeup adventure?

Mostly focusing on teens,I knew it had to be drugstore.It makes sense for these products to be useful and cost-effective,no point giving them something which doesn't work either.Equally,quality is an investment a lot of the time.I also wanted these products and tools to be multi-functional and able to be used diversely.

So without further ado,let us on to the products,things that can be used specifically for the face!


For the category of Face:

BB Cream or Foundation

BB creams are really useful if you're a teen just beginning in the cosmetic world.A BB cream will smooth out your skin and correct any off-set tones and pigments whilst letting it breathe! The coverage is minimal on most western BB Creams,shade range is also usually limited to 3 or 4.This probably wouldn't be suitable for anyone with extremely oily or spot-prone skin (Like mine.) Foundations,however,are much more suited towards those who would prefer a heavier coverage.They are generally thicker in consistency.There are varying levels of coverage in different foundations and many shade ranges.

There's a multitude of different kinds out there! For BB Cream and Foundation,check out my top two recommendations. :

Left : Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light - £5.00
Right :  Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 51 - £9.99

Maybelline's BB Cream serves it's purpose really well with tone correcting particles and the Healthy Mix Foundation is great for a flawless yet skin-like texture with tons of coverage.


If you're lucky enough to have great skin already,you could very well skip this step! Unfortunately though,many of us aren't blessed with the epidermis of angels.Let me be the first to tell you that this is completely normal for the age.Despite the annoyance,concealer can help to cover any stray spots with a flesh-toned cream or liquid.Some concealers will offer a host of benefits,such as calming ingredients,blemish treatments and sometimes even built in highlighter!

For Concealer,check out my reccommendation :

Maybelline Dream Lumitouch Highlighting Concealer in Porcelain - £4.99

This is a great concealer for major blemishes AND highlighting.It isn't too bright either so it won't light up the problem areas that you're trying to hide.If you're worried about looking shiny with this,dust a little powder over the blemished (concealed) areas and add a little swipe of product to the cheekbones for a lit-within look! This is also really good for dark undereyes.


Powder,for me personally,is an essential part of any makeup kit.If you have oily skin then this is the perfect thing for you! Even so,it really does top off and polish any face routine.There are coloured and transparent powders which can be used for even more coverage than foundation alone will offer or just applied for oil control.

My absolute favourite powder of all time has to be :

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent 001 - £3.99

 Even for a clear powder it offers amazing,natural coverage.It's true to claim,lasting all day and minimizing the *appearance* of pores on the skin (pores cannot actually be shrunken,don't let any skin products tell you that they can!).On top of the benefits of powder,this one is super freakin' cheap.


Blush is one of the most simple makeup products.I'm sure some of us recall delving into our Mother's and Grandmother's makeup stash,grabby hands at the ready for the brightest shade we could find! Although we didn't quite get the desired results it was always fun and it always brought lots of life and colour to young cheeks.The youth factor is most commonly why we use it.

Lately I've really been enjoying :

The Natural Collection Single Blush in Pink Cloud - £1.99

As a younger teenager,I'm pretty sure (Unless you're so inclined and are addicted to dark shades like me.) a blunt purple blush isn't particularly enticing.The Natural Collection blush singles are extremely affordable and work really well to add a soft flush.The smoothness of these little gems is something to be noted.

Face Brushes

Brushes are your tools of the trade.A good brush set can easily see you through your secondary/high school days so long as you take care of them.Face brushes can also make life a lot easier and less messy in the morning,sparing your fingers so that you don't end up eating toast buttered with foundation.

For great brushes,I sincerely reccommend : 

Real Techniques Core Collection - £21.99
Set contains a Powder Brush,Fluffy Brush (Can be used for concealer) and a Foundation Brush.

Brushes are something which I don't scrimp on.Good brushes make for great makeup,even if the makeup is cheap as chips.For this section,if you're a little skint on allowance,you may want to consider asking for this set as a Birthday or Christmas present.These are extremely good quality and also happen to be synthetic,so they won't soak up all of your foundation like a sponge.Just to top it all off,they're made with pretty coloured handles!


I hope you found this informative and enjoyable! Stay tuned to see more in this affordable drugstore starter kit.
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Have an amazing day.

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