Friday, 28 June 2013

Disney Villains Designer Collection Palette.

Hey everyone!

Today I'm bringing you a review of a beautiful themed palette I received as a christmas present last year.

Now some might feel that since it's exclusively Disney,it must be for kids,right? Well,they'd be wrong! Just because it features bright colours or is branded Disney doesn't mean it's just for children,in the same way that MUA's £1 lipsticks aren't for kids just cause they're cheap.
When I first heard of this palette,I scoured the net for reviews on it,but unfortunately could find none due to the hype over MAC's Villains Collection at the time,but I'm so glad I could receive it to try out.

The packaging is nice and simple.A slim,cardboard,magnetic palette with six pans and an elegant,black floral pattern on the exterior and interior of the product.It features a small clear plastic panel so you can see the eyeshadows without having to open the palette which is convenient if you've got a million different palettes on your shelf!

Left to Right : 
Cruella De Vil,Evil Queen,Maleficent,Mother Gothel,Queen of Hearts,Ursula.

I'm not going to lie,I was somewhat disappointed by the allocation of colours to each individual Disney Villain.
I'll elaborate - 
Cruella De Vil and the Queen of Hearts for example are both usually represented by vivid bright reds.I understand the need to put gold in this palette and can see how the gold works with the QofH (Regal,royal kind of theme going on?) but I feel like it would have been more suited to the character.Ursula's colour was also slightly confusing and I feel like more blue/purple-toned silver may have complimented the character.

Having said all of this,I'm not complaining about the colours they HAVE given us.It's a lovely palette with some incredibly pigmented shades.I especially love Mother Gothel's colour and Evil Queen.Each colour swatches beautifully and all are opaque excluding Cruella De Vil which is a little sheer for my liking but also has chunky glitter.All of these colours are shimmery so if you're in it for mattes,this won't be for you.

The shadows are very smooth and buttery and appear vibrant on the lids.They're amazingly blendable but can crease without a primer,so I'd definitely recommend one with this palette.

The palette comes with a very nice,soft black eye pencil too.It isn't completely charcoal but works well as a smudging liner.You don't need much of this to create a mildly smokey effect.The pencil slots into the palette so it's pretty travel friendly too.

Overall,I love this palette a lot.The colour selection is nice and I like that they chose to include a pencil (it isn't one of those crappy eyeliners either!).The palette is great for evening looks and despite being distributed by Disney, does not feel sub-par to a lot of higher end eyeshadows.

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