Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I Have Returned!

Hello beautiful people!

I know it's been bloody ages and I'm a bad blogger indeed but I wanted to write this post to jump-start myself into the routine again.

First off, I'd like to thank you for your patience if you were waiting on videos/blogposts..I may or may not have taken an extra week off to re-energize from Italy.I think I need a second holiday to get over it all!

Secondly,I shall be resuming normal programming this Thursday,so happy days are to be had.I'm torn between video ideas - June Empties,Jewellery,Clothing & Makeup Hauls,Midna's Makeup Tutorial (Legend o/Zelda series) etc.Let me know if you've any requests or ideas.I'm open to suggestion.

Also,Italy was incredible.So that's a thing now.

To finish,I'll leave you with this breathtaking image of me,looking like a top-notch tourist,standing in front of St.Peter's Basillica in the Vatican City,Rome.

(I meant that the Basillica is breathtaking,not me,you numpty. ;) )

Love you all! See ya soon.

x ~ x

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