Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sleek I-Divine : Candy Collection Eyeshadow Palette

Hello all!

I passed the Sleek stand in my local Superdrug about a week ago and lo-and-behold,a new display! I had no prior knowledge that this was even a thing.

Apparently neither did anyone else since there were loads of palettes and products left.After a quick swatcheroo,I snapped mine up without hesitation.Boy am I glad I did!

So here are the photos of the palette itself plus a small breakdown:

The packaging is the same as all Sleek's I-Divine palettes.Plain,black,smooth plastic with a large,handy mirror in the top and a snap-shut clasp.It also comes with a black dual ended foam applicator.
Nothing particularly different about the packaging on a whole,apart from the small printed words on the front - "Candy Collection : I-Candy" 

Top row - Left to Right : Strawberry Sherbet,Bon Bon,Parma Violet,Apple Sour,Pear Drop,Flump.
Bottom row - Left to Right : Liquorice,Blue Fizzle,Aniseed,Bubblegum,Mint Cream,Cream Soda.

All swatched without a primer.

I enjoy that they incorporated a mixture of matte and bright shimmers.Primarily the mattes are dark with the exception of Bubblegum and Strawberry Sherbet (Bright blue & Florescent pink).With the theme of Candy,  some extremely vibrant pinks are to be expected.Topping off the whole palette with a white shimmer and a matte black was a great move by Sleek.

The shadows are fairly soft,very pigmented and great in opacity.I love the creative names,combined with the great colour range.As with all of the Sleek palettes,I still wish that they'd print the shadow names on the palette itself,instead of having it printed on some transparent plastic,sat inside of the palette.

These palettes are always great value (They all stay the same price even when limited edition!) and I love the theme they've chosen.Overall a lovely palette worthy of any makeup junkie.

Picked up your Candy Collection I-Divine palette yet?

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