Monday, 29 July 2013

Benefit 'Watts Up!' Soft-Focus Highlighter.

Good day,all! 

I'm bringing you a review of something very special indeed - a little jewel of Benefit Cosmetics! 

Recently I've been getting into highlighters a lot more.My choices have been pretty selective so far and reviews on the interwebz have allowed me to try the best of the best.I think it was Beautycrush that suckered me into getting this one.

I can't exactly say I'm a connoisseur of Benefit but I'm trying to branch out a bit.Without further ado,onto the review - 

Starting off,can we talk about this incredible packaging right here? It's so shiny and not to mention,the top is shaped like a diamond! My inner magpie was definitely attracted to this at the counter in Boots.Aside from the actual appearance,the packaging is easy to store (upright or sideways) and the product features an oversized sponge tip on the other end.The highlighter has a twist-up feature.
When you first get it,the highlighter comes nestled in a small slide-open box with lovely branding and a great colour scheme.

As you can see from the photos,the highlighter comes in one shade only.If you're on the extremely pale side like me,this will do a nice job of warming up the features - similarly with darker skin tones it will bring some great focus to high points on the face.The colour is very win-win in that sense.

This can be used on a multitude of places,such as the cheekbones,tip of the nose,above the brows and just under the brow bone too.

Swatched without a base.

In total,you get 9.4g of highlighting goodness,which is a nice helping considering you'll only need to dab this onto your face in very small amounts.For £24.50,I'm not sure it's exactly a good deal,but provided this is your kind of thing,it'll be worth the price tag.

The highlighter is pretty creamy and glides on nicely,though I would definitely recommend using fingertips to apply it.Wear is good,lasting around about 5-6 hours with minimal fading.Wouldn't advise on using this as an eyeshadow base though,as it will crease considerably.

Overall,this is an epic addition to my highlighter collection.Although it comes with a steep cost,I think it's a nice one for beginners investing in quality products,since it won't allow you to go over the top too quickly and make you look like a disco ball!

Will you pick up this highlighter next time you're at the Benefit counter? Have you already tried it? 

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Friday, 19 July 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Blushes : Well Dressed & Immortal Flower.

Two MAC blushes,both lacking in intense pigment but absolutely great for a heavy-handed application.Incredibly smooth on the skin.Immortal Flower is an orange-peach whilst Well Dressed is a polite,pale pink.

Immortal Flower Powder Blush.

Well Dressed Powder Blush.

Swatched without a base.

Top : Immortal Flower
Bottom : Well Dressed.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age : The Eraser Eye Concealer.

Hey all,

I was browsing through Superdrug and came across this raved-about product.It seemed to me that this was only a recent release in the UK.I've heard loads of fellow beauty b/vloggers from across the pond in the US swearing by this concealer and really wanted to try it out but could never seem to get my paws on it!

So despite this predicament,I found it.I got mine in the shade 'Light'.

The packaging is a handy-dandy little thing,standing no taller than 10cm.I absolutely detest the lid,however.It's far too close to the sponge-top applicator which in itself is pretty unhygienic.The miniature bottle has a twist-up feature (You know,one of those which takes an age to push the product up?).It's a shame the packaging was so crappy,because the actual product is amazing.

The concealer is INCREDIBLE.Seriously.This is now my favourite concealer ever.It provides excellent coverage,without being heavy like some can tend to be.The colour match isn't too bad for me either and it seems to adjust to my skintone quite well.I use this under my eyes for a brightening effect and it's really good on blemishes too.

This doesn't cake up or flake after application and it's lasting power is pretty immense.They've been fairly generous with the amount of product that they give you too,meaning much more bang for your buck.It's one of the more pricey concealers though,at £7.99 RRP from Superdrug.

Honestly,I can overlook the packaging for the sake of the amazing stuff inside.And at the end of the day,it's a concealer.It may not work miracles,but it sure can give the illusion! 

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