Friday, 30 August 2013

Gore-Fest Fun : My FX Creations. [*BLOOD & GORE WARNING*]

Hey all!

Tonight I was updating my gore files on my personal FB portfolio and realised that they'd be a little wasted just sat there,collecting dust and the odd 'like'.I figured I'd share them with you and make a nice post out of it! This is a show-offy post - not an ounce of shame. 

So here's a collection of some of the wounds and gashes I've made,using a range of techniques and all with only one bottle of fake blood!

The Simple Slice.

This is what I'd consider my "go-to" wound.It's really easy to make and I actually have a Youtube tutorial that I uploaded back in April on how to make it happen here! I used theatre wax for this,but you could use liquid latex if that takes your fancy.

The Bullet.

Theatre Wax is the recurring theme here.To make this one,I blended down the edges of a 3cm tall ball of the stuff,then made a crater in the centre and dabbed fake blood around and inside of it after filling it with a burgandy coloured mixture of facepaint.For added effect,I held the bottle upside down and let a single droplet of blood trickle down from the middle.

Just A Bite.

These two tiny wounds are supposed to mimic your common-or-garden Vampire bites.They're meant to look a little bit old,hence the 'scab' appearance.I used two dots of Theatre Wax,blended them down at the edge and then 'opened' the bite marks and filled with black and red face paint.No fake blood nessecery.These can be fiddly to make,so keep a steady hand!


From Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows films,comes this tribute to the torture scene between Bellatrix LeStrange and Hermione Granger.I spread a thin line of wax along my arm and lightly carved out the delicate letters in the same handwriting style,then filled in the spaces with a muddy red.I added a drop of blood to keep the movie feel about it.

The Sewing Kit.

A particularly grim looking affair,featuring some black craft wire and lots of cotton buds to give the 'splatter' effects around the lips.I paid attention to the corners of the lips to give them a very sore and chapped appearances,layering up the face paint to provide depth.I used a small droplet of  individual eyelash glue to adhere the wire to the edges of the lips at random intervals (remove with care!).This was designed to be gritty and unattractive.

The Talons

I originally had no idea what these two could be,but with the help of my Facebook friends,who suggested that they appeared to be rather large talon marks,I've settled for a Griffin or a very big eagle.I actually love how 'torn' these look.I used wax again,sculpted out the 'V' shapes and filled them in with pure red face paint.I lined around the corners with black then merged the colours together with water in a spray bottle.Then I went crazy with the fake blood!

So that's all of them.I hope you liked having a little look at some wounds.Happy FXing!

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Naked Lunch - Single Eyeshadow.

 MAC single eyeshadow in Naked Lunch - A true Rose Gold shade with heavy shimmer.A sheer wash of colour for all over the lid.Could work as a nice highlight.


                                                                                   Swatched without a primer. 

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream - Petunia.

Hello there!

Today I'm reviewing one of Stila's cult blush products - the convertible color cream! I had originally intended to buy the shade 'Gerbera' but I figured 'Petunia' would suit the time of year a little better..but who really cares for trends? Not I! 

Still - it's a very pretty colour so I caved.

The packaging of this product is really sweet.I love the embossed floral design on the front,coupled with the cute,light-weight feel of the compact itself.Despite the plastic,this doesn't feel cheap in the slightest.The compact comes with a mirror in the lid.

The pan comes with a nice sized amount of product at 4.25g.

In the pan,Petunia appears to be a bright,creamy pink shade.When swatched,the colour sheers out significantly - though this is a big advantage when you consider that it's a blush.Who wants clown cheeks?!

Swatched without a base.

I think this colour is really pretty for paler skintones and really give the cheeks a sweet,flushed appearance.Since it's convertible and can be used on the lips,this will be lovely for adding a sheer wash of colour to them,without going buck wild.

This product will last around the 5-6 hour mark on cheeks..depending on the weather.On lips,more around 3-4 hours (no touch-ups).Blending is pretty easy - I use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to distribute the blush after dabbing it on with the tips of my fingers.

It's a great product to own,with many different options in terms of it's 9 colour shade range.These aren't exactly cheap at £16.00,but worth it if you want long-lasting blush.

Available from Stila

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Monday, 19 August 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Club - Single Eyeshadow.

MAC single eyeshadow in Club - A dark,duo-chromatic brown with green and pink reflects.Strong pigmentation and blendability.Great for creasework.

                                                   Swatched without a primer.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

bareMinerals Natural LipColor - Parfait/Spiced Raisin & Plum Brulee.

Hello,beautiful humans!

How are you doing? Today I'm bringing you an indepth review of the bareMinerals Natural LipColor lipsticks.I put this review off as much as I could due to my lips being slightly sore as of late (must be the weather again!) but here it is.

I bought three shades,two of which came as a kind of 'set'.

Parfait - A warm terracotta pink leaning toward subtle hints of mauve with gold shimmer.Counterpart to Spiced Raisin.

Spiced Raisin - A wine-burgundy shade,appearing more brown-toned on the lips.Contains golden micro-shimmer particles.Counterpart to Parfait.

Plum Brulee - Strikingly red-toned plum with rich,brick undertones.Strong silver and gold micro-glitter.A great christmas colour.

Parfait - Spiced Raisin - Plum Brulee.

First off,the packaging is pretty plain but it feels neither cheap nor tacky.I get a distinct luxury feel to these lipsticks since they're very weighty.bareMinerals did well by printing the names on the bottom,along with an visually accurate coloured sticker for each one.I'm rather fond of the names of the lipsticks too.

Now I make no jokes when I say - these lipsticks are frosty as heck! I didn't actually know this until I got them on my lips and though it works in some of their favour,the frost finish is not for everyone.Be wary.

These lipsticks are creamy,as well as moisturising.As for the finishes,they look nice when it comes to Plum Brulee and Parfait..Spiced Raisin is a different story.I'm not keen at all on the frosty brown shade.It's a shame,since I love the colour but this one will probably be given away or kept for theatrical makeups.

The lipsticks are great in formula and they last a fair old while too (around 3 hours with no touch-ups).

                                                                                                             Top : Plum Brulee.
      Top : Spiced Raisin.
        Bottom : Parfait.

One last thing to mention about these lipsticks is the scent.It's an incredibly weird smell..and not exactly pleasant.I'd describe it as a kind of 'chemical-fruit' scent.Like a citrus perfume on crack,in a bad way.

If you can get over the smell,which I understand can be very annoying for many people,these lipsticks are nice products.I bought mine at half off during their sale,so I didn't pay full price.In my opinion,are they worth the full price of £14.00 each? 

In short,no.

For a slightly lower price tag,I'd consider them worth it.But they are most definitely not equal in quality to the MAC lipsticks,or even some drugstore lipsticks.I like these,but I doubt they'll become my most reached for.If you're a frost fanatic,you'll love these.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

{Strictly Swatches} theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer.

Bitesized bronzer in a cardboard flip palette (includes a small
mirror).Beautifully smooth on the skin,completely matte,milk chocolate shade.Great for lighter skin tones.7.08g of product. 


Swatches without a base.

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