Friday, 30 August 2013

Gore-Fest Fun : My FX Creations. [*BLOOD & GORE WARNING*]

Hey all!

Tonight I was updating my gore files on my personal FB portfolio and realised that they'd be a little wasted just sat there,collecting dust and the odd 'like'.I figured I'd share them with you and make a nice post out of it! This is a show-offy post - not an ounce of shame. 

So here's a collection of some of the wounds and gashes I've made,using a range of techniques and all with only one bottle of fake blood!

The Simple Slice.

This is what I'd consider my "go-to" wound.It's really easy to make and I actually have a Youtube tutorial that I uploaded back in April on how to make it happen here! I used theatre wax for this,but you could use liquid latex if that takes your fancy.

The Bullet.

Theatre Wax is the recurring theme here.To make this one,I blended down the edges of a 3cm tall ball of the stuff,then made a crater in the centre and dabbed fake blood around and inside of it after filling it with a burgandy coloured mixture of facepaint.For added effect,I held the bottle upside down and let a single droplet of blood trickle down from the middle.

Just A Bite.

These two tiny wounds are supposed to mimic your common-or-garden Vampire bites.They're meant to look a little bit old,hence the 'scab' appearance.I used two dots of Theatre Wax,blended them down at the edge and then 'opened' the bite marks and filled with black and red face paint.No fake blood nessecery.These can be fiddly to make,so keep a steady hand!


From Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows films,comes this tribute to the torture scene between Bellatrix LeStrange and Hermione Granger.I spread a thin line of wax along my arm and lightly carved out the delicate letters in the same handwriting style,then filled in the spaces with a muddy red.I added a drop of blood to keep the movie feel about it.

The Sewing Kit.

A particularly grim looking affair,featuring some black craft wire and lots of cotton buds to give the 'splatter' effects around the lips.I paid attention to the corners of the lips to give them a very sore and chapped appearances,layering up the face paint to provide depth.I used a small droplet of  individual eyelash glue to adhere the wire to the edges of the lips at random intervals (remove with care!).This was designed to be gritty and unattractive.

The Talons

I originally had no idea what these two could be,but with the help of my Facebook friends,who suggested that they appeared to be rather large talon marks,I've settled for a Griffin or a very big eagle.I actually love how 'torn' these look.I used wax again,sculpted out the 'V' shapes and filled them in with pure red face paint.I lined around the corners with black then merged the colours together with water in a spray bottle.Then I went crazy with the fake blood!

So that's all of them.I hope you liked having a little look at some wounds.Happy FXing!

x ~ x

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