Monday, 19 August 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Club - Single Eyeshadow.

MAC single eyeshadow in Club - A dark,duo-chromatic brown with green and pink reflects.Strong pigmentation and blendability.Great for creasework.

                                                   Swatched without a primer.

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  1. That is an absolutely obscenely gorgeous colour Amy.

    How does it go on with a primer (I am in my 30's, so these things matter!)

    Fi xoxox

    1. It is - incredibly beautiful. :D

      A primer emphasizes the green reflects and goes on pretty smoothly! (I used UDPP) The texture is very buttery with this one.

      x ~ x

    2. I REALLY wanted to love UDPP but it just didn't work for me. I have got really prominent veins on my eyelids so find the only one that works is benefit's lemon aid corrector eyelid primer which actually covers them!

      It doesn't help that we don't have an UD counter where I live (the Isle of Man). We are getting Smashbox in October and it is cause for celebration! As for MAC? Nope, not got one of them either! I don't own one MAC item at all - just mainly MUA, theBalm, NYX, ELF, Accessorize (which is the same as Hard Candy in the US if I am not mistaken?) and Rimmel. Oh yep, keeping it classy all the way!

      I am on a self imposed spending ban until the Smashbox counter opens as it is actually the day before my first wedding anniversary so can't wait at all.

      I have got to go to hospital in Liverpool soon so I think it would be rude not to treat myself to some MAC eyeshadows!

      Fi xoxox

    3. Oh no! That sucks that it didn't work for you - I have Benefit's Lemon Aid too and I do like it,though not as much as my UDPP.I have really oily lids so I just use the tiniest amount and it's like glue!

      That Smashbox counter sounds epic,I'm so jealous! We don't have a UD stand,or Smashbox,or even MAC where I am either.I tend to research vigorously before buying online (It usually works out pretty well.)

      I had no idea that Accessorize is Hard Candy in the US! :o

      Any particular colours you're thinking of getting when you visit Liverpool? :)

      x ~ x