Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bath Time Treats - The Things I Adore.

I love baths,don't you? Especially ones with bubbles and sweet smelling candles! I don't take them often due to a lack of patience in getting the water temperature right (resulting in burns) but what with the nights starting to draw in;when I do bother to take my time,they're epic! Today I'm sharing some potions I use during and after bathing.

*Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath 500ML*  £6.00 from
  •  Best to start off with the bubbles,eh? I have the mini size of this neat little product.It doesn't over-produce on the bubble side but gives off a lovely floral scent,typical to Soap & Glory.It seems to give the water a slightly 'silken' texture and feels quite posh indeed!

*Original Source Lime Shower Gel 250 ML* £1.00  from
  • I've started using this quite recently and it seems there's a correlation in the lime content of my shower gels! I appear to love smelling of citrus fruits.It's ever so fresh in scent and makes you feel really clean overall.It doesn't dry out my skin at all either.Also,the bottle is kind of nice to have up on your shower shelf isn't it?

*Simple Kind-To-Skin Moisturiser 125ML* £3.32 from
  • I know,I know - If you've known me for any amount of time,you know how much I rave and glorify this product.That's because it's bloody brilliant.I use this for all times of the day,including when I get out of the bath to replenish my skin,which can sometimes feel slightly tight once the moisture from the water evaporates.It's sort of a tide-over until I go back to my room and start the face routine!

*The Body Shop Body Butter in Vineyard Peach 200ML*  £13.00 from
  • Peaches has to be one of the loveliest scents ever to be inhaled by the olfactory instruments.The Body Shop released their Vineyard Peach range and I'm in love with this body butter..I use it immediately after getting out of a bath or shower and do a full-body moisturise.It keeps skin soft,extremely supple and the scent lingers.

*Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil* 30ML £20.00 from

  • I'm not best familiar with facial oils but since buying this one from Pai,it's made me want to branch out! Be warned,it smells nothing like roses..if a little strange in all honesty but it works,which is all that matters to me.It sticks around for quite awhile after application so this is definitely best for bed time.Alternatively,use a tissue to lightly blot away the excess oils from your face.It leaves me with smooth skin and a visibly brightened complexion,well worth my £20! 

Those are some of my favourite bath time products of the moment with mini-reviews - let me know what some of yours are with a comment. :D

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

DIY : Alcohol Brush Cleaner.

Hello! If you're reading this,you're probably one of three things -

1.) Travelling from my Makeup Collection Youtube video link (As promised!)
2.) A regular reader of my blog,
3.) An adventurous young explorer of this vast network we call the World Wide Web!

The common goal is to attain the super secret amazing recipe of how to make a quick,easy and sanitary brush cleaner solution.To be completely honest with you,the recipe isn't all that super-secret.Allonsy!

You'll need a couple of things to create the magic potio-er..I mean,the brush cleaner :

  • An empty,clean spray bottle with a removable cap and lid.
  • Some distilled water.
  • Surgical Spirit (Can be found very easily,for very cheap, on eBay.)

Take off the cap of the spray bottle,ensuring that any substances that made the bottle it's previous home are completely washed out and removed.Then take the distilled water and pour it in about three quarters of the way up.After this,add your Surgical Spirit into the last remaining quarter of the spray bottle,making the ingredients a 3:1 ratio.

Finish up with the cap and a firm shake,and that's it - You're done!

Now you can brag all about your super secret amazing brush cleaner to all of your friends.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

♥ Budget Beauty Buys ♥ - Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette.

Hey people - I just wanted to stop by and tell you about this awesome little palette I've been using a lot recently.I find myself reaching for it in the morning when I do my makeup quite frequently,since it consists of a lovely range of everyday neutral shades.The palm-sized palette comes with a basic black and white too!

My favourite all-over lid shade is the central row's 'medium' shade,which swatches as a subtle golden hue.I dust this over the lid and then apply the bottom row's 'dark' shade (a matte chocolate brown) in the outer V and crease,taking it just below the waterline too.For a highlight,I use the top row's 'light' colour and sweep it under the browbone.

Collection 2000's palette comes with the addition of a cream base which I,personally,am not overly fond of but would be great for a younger person starting off in makeup.The palette comes with a dual-ended applicator and instructions on how to use the shades,on the back.The packaging itself may be made of cardboard but it feels darn sturdy and passes the 'drop' test.



Bottom (Plus the sheer cream)

This is a lovely little palette that would work well even in the busiest of lives.It's compact and smart with colour choice.The only small gripe I have is the lack of mirror,but it's a small price to pay considering I only had to shell out £4.19 for the thing! 

Find it here from

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

| Autumn |

Hey everybody! 
Guess what day it is?!

September 22nd

Which means -

Are you as excited as I am? Good! I've got plenty of exciting autumnal makeup posts,as well as Halloween tutorials and fun little tid-bits coming your way,both here and on my Youtube channel.I'm planning to do an updated makeup collection video within the next week as well,so stay tuned!

Since it'll be getting colder from here on out,I may also include some clothing-type posts too (warm knitted scarves,patterned hats,woolly gloves etc). Though I don't consider myself a fashionista,I quite enjoy things like that myself,around this time of year.

Don't you just love the turning leaves?

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC's Cranberry - Single Eyeshadow.

Cranberry by MAC is a smouldering,red-burgundy shade with a bronze undertone.It applies opaque with one swipe and blends incredibly well.Makes a beautiful all-over lid colour and crease shade.Perfect for Autumn and Winter.

                                                                                  Swatched without a primer.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream.

Hey guys,

Today I'm posting my short breakdown (sharing my adoration) of the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream.This little darkhorse is creeping it's way onto my favourite skincare list and I've only had it for about a month! Without further ado,let's get into it.

Packaging :

As with pretty much all of the Antipodes range,the packaging is incredibly cute.I love the typical brown-bottle glass with a very effective screw-top lid.Also,the box sports an eye-catching paisley-floral print.I'm a sucker for all shades of green.

Product :

In terms of ingredients,we're talking about some serious au naturale goodness.Vegetable extracts,rich fruit seed oils and an alcohol derived from coconuts is the theme.Despite having all of this luscious content,the cream bears no irritating smell whatsoever.

This stuff is soothing on my eyes,working well at de-puffing any tired areas caused by late nights.The cream is also very hydrating and dry patches is something I always seem to suffer with around Autumn and Winter.It's smooth in application,does NOT burn and it's consistency is quite luxurious and creamy.To apply,I dab two dots along the delicate undereye and pat it lightly until it melts into the skin,no vigorous rubbing nessecery! 

At £24.99 for 30ml,sure - it's a little pricey.But you'll never need more than a rice grain-sized amount for each use so I feel that it's a worthy investment.This stuff actually,literally works.

So there you have it.Have you tried any of the Antipodes range? Recommendations? 

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Satin Taupe - Single Eyeshadow.

Satin Taupe by MAC is a milk chocolate-taupe shade with heaps of pretty shimmer.Applies like butter and blends wonderfully.An excellent crease shade for a multitude of eye colours,to create dimension.

                                                 Swatched without a primer.

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Sketch - Single Eyeshadow.

Sketch by MAC is a smouldering,rich plum brown shade with muted silver shimmer throughout.Great for transitioning at the crease and outer 'V' of the lid.Can be difficult to blend if inexperienced with dark colours.Comes in a Velvet finish and applies smoothly,with good opacity.

                                                                                                                                                   Swatched without a primer.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hydration Station - The Things I Adore.

Hey people!

Now that Autumn is on it's merry way to us in the UK,I seem to have gone a bit moisture crazy.I don't think this is a bad thing though..good to start keeping healthy habits young,right?

I wanted to share some things I've been loving so far,on my hunt for ultimate hydration!

* Caudalie Hand Creams *

  • Raspberry Leaf - I love this for the day time.It smells strongly of deliciously sweet blackcurrants and I can even pick up the distinctive 'leaf' smell too.It's so odd to be able to detect it in a humble hand cream! Both of the Caudalie hand creams sink into the skin within 60 seconds,leaving no greasy residue behind.It's the perfect pick-me-up for the lulls that August can bring.

  • Grapevine Honey - I use this one before bed and,like it's counterpart,it makes my hands feel smooth,soft and moisturised.This one has a slightly cooler,more mellow scent.Notes of muted grape are mixed with the natural sweetness of pure honey.Great for the cosy,pre-slumber hours of the evening.The smell is very relaxing.

* The Body Shop Lip Butter *

  • Coconut - 'Coconut?!' I hear you cry! 'For Autumn? What is she thinking..'.Well this is no ordinary Coconut,oh no.With all the harshness of the common-or-garden daisy,The Body Shop have made this scent into a soothing,creamy treatment for the lips.I love applying this before I sleep,to wake up in the morning and find that my kisser is suitably softened! It lasts for ages,dispenses tons of moisture and glides on like a dream.All this coming from someone who thoroughly despises Coconut in many of it's forms - now that's saying something.

So there are a few things I've been obsessed with lately! Any recommendations for products? Leave'em in a comment below so I can have a little nosy. :D

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC Paint Pot - Bare Study.

'Bare Study' Paint Pot by MAC is a Rose Gold shade with Peach leaning undertones.Works beautifully as a subtle base and lasts for 8+ hours with no creasing or fading.Can be slightly difficult to blend.

'Bare Study'

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