Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bath Time Treats - The Things I Adore.

I love baths,don't you? Especially ones with bubbles and sweet smelling candles! I don't take them often due to a lack of patience in getting the water temperature right (resulting in burns) but what with the nights starting to draw in;when I do bother to take my time,they're epic! Today I'm sharing some potions I use during and after bathing.

*Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath 500ML*  £6.00 from
  •  Best to start off with the bubbles,eh? I have the mini size of this neat little product.It doesn't over-produce on the bubble side but gives off a lovely floral scent,typical to Soap & Glory.It seems to give the water a slightly 'silken' texture and feels quite posh indeed!

*Original Source Lime Shower Gel 250 ML* £1.00  from
  • I've started using this quite recently and it seems there's a correlation in the lime content of my shower gels! I appear to love smelling of citrus fruits.It's ever so fresh in scent and makes you feel really clean overall.It doesn't dry out my skin at all either.Also,the bottle is kind of nice to have up on your shower shelf isn't it?

*Simple Kind-To-Skin Moisturiser 125ML* £3.32 from
  • I know,I know - If you've known me for any amount of time,you know how much I rave and glorify this product.That's because it's bloody brilliant.I use this for all times of the day,including when I get out of the bath to replenish my skin,which can sometimes feel slightly tight once the moisture from the water evaporates.It's sort of a tide-over until I go back to my room and start the face routine!

*The Body Shop Body Butter in Vineyard Peach 200ML*  £13.00 from
  • Peaches has to be one of the loveliest scents ever to be inhaled by the olfactory instruments.The Body Shop released their Vineyard Peach range and I'm in love with this body butter..I use it immediately after getting out of a bath or shower and do a full-body moisturise.It keeps skin soft,extremely supple and the scent lingers.

*Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil* 30ML £20.00 from

  • I'm not best familiar with facial oils but since buying this one from Pai,it's made me want to branch out! Be warned,it smells nothing like roses..if a little strange in all honesty but it works,which is all that matters to me.It sticks around for quite awhile after application so this is definitely best for bed time.Alternatively,use a tissue to lightly blot away the excess oils from your face.It leaves me with smooth skin and a visibly brightened complexion,well worth my £20! 

Those are some of my favourite bath time products of the moment with mini-reviews - let me know what some of yours are with a comment. :D

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  1. I must seriously be the last person on the planet to the Soap and Glory bandwagon but have recently become rather obsessed with their products. I do rather like them, but haven't tried the bubble bath as although I love a bath, me and bubbles are not best friends. I like a nice oil in my bath instead, then have a shower when I have done soaking.

    The Original Source shower gels are fantastic - they have been round quite a while and our bathroom is filled with several kinds (even though I hide my Soap and Glory one in my bedroom!).

    At the moment, my bath/shower routine consists of a couple of drops of extra virgin olive oil in the bath for a soak with one drop of bergamot which is my absolute favourite essential oil, and then I get to work in the shower with S&G's Clean on Me , and once a week use their Flake Away (really don't like the name but love the product!).

    When I get out of the bath it is (again) S&G's Daily Smooth body lotion or their Righteous Butter, depending on how my skin is behaving that day.

    I know you aren't talking hair here but when I get under the shower I am using Revlon Flex shampoo and conditioner at the moment. I didn't even know Revlon *did* shampoos and conditioners but I saw them on Fragrance Direct for silly money and bought them on a whim - seriously impressed with them.

    Would you do a blog entry on hair please as I am always looking for new products to shake my routine up with. I am currently using the above shampoo and conditioner with L'Oreal Elvive's Extraordinary Oil and my hair is the best it has been in ages. I find the Moroccan/Argan oils far too heavy, even in their light incarnations for my very thin locks. I can get away with 3 days not washing my hair with a bit of Batiste in between which has really helped the condition of my scalp too. It doesn't help that for the first time in FAR too many years I am actually rocking my natural hair colour!

    Fi xoxox

    1. S&G is one of those 'love it or hate it' brands,I think.Most people,fortunately for the owners,seem to love it.It makes skincare so much easier.On the topic of bath whatsits - I can't seem to get on with bath oils,myself.I just feel a bit *too* greased up. xD

      The entire S&G bath range is stunning and I love their Hand Maid antibac gel.The scent is strong but it does a nice job!

      In all honesty,I don't do all that much to my hair.It's pretty basic! I can still type up a couple of my staples if you'd like,but all in all,what you see is what you get.My hair takes and loses colour 'gracefully' so to speak.I feel as though I should have been born with jet black hair but alas,it didn't happen! I didn't know Revlon did hair products either. o:

      x ~ x