Thursday, 19 September 2013

{Strictly Swatches} MAC's Cranberry - Single Eyeshadow.

Cranberry by MAC is a smouldering,red-burgundy shade with a bronze undertone.It applies opaque with one swipe and blends incredibly well.Makes a beautiful all-over lid colour and crease shade.Perfect for Autumn and Winter.

                                                                                  Swatched without a primer.

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  1. This shade alone has got me wondering if I can make a trip to Liverpool to pick one up! I think my husband might think differently though.

    I know people will say that there are dupes for all MAC eyeshadows but it is the undertones that always give it away from what I can see. I am looking at the pictures you have posted up on a MacBook Pro Retina and the difference between looking at pics on this and my old Samsung laptop is amazing.

    I am slowly getting a shopping list for MAC and I blame you ;)

    Just writing this reply has got my mind going as to how I could wear this colour. I think it would (on me, being the err, slightly older hooded eyed person that I am) look great on its own in varying intensities smoked out, or great with a tiny bit of a bronze shimmer tone just in the middle of my eyelid to highlight it.

    Don't think I would be brave enough to take it below my waterline, but a smudged out kohl would take care of that.

    I definitely couldn't use it as a crease shade either as, well, hooded eyes and all that ;)

    Hope college is going well hunnie,

    Fi xoxox

    1. Honestly,Fi - this shade is *almost* worth the trip! Any chance of bribing the husband with sweeties?

      This is probably one of the more unique MAC shadows.I've also got my eye on 'Tilt' (duo-chromatic blue-green) too.Your suggestions for how to wear Cranberry sound great! I'm pretty experimental with eyeshadows so I like to test the limits of it's versatility.

      College is going fabulously well! Loving it so far - it's really quite hands on. :)

      x ~ x

    2. My Mum is going over next month for a month to see some family and friends and I have managed to persuade her to go to MAC for a bit of a "makeover" as she wants to change up her foundation and such (and she loves the high end products). I have asked her to get this one for me, and the Painterly Paint Pot as I am looking for a good lid base. She has GREAT skin and is going to go and get herself NARS Sheer Glow too as she can really take the dewy finish. Problem solved and one very happy Fi!

      Really glad to hear college is going well for you. I have just found out that there is no makeup course on the Isle of Man at all which is a bit of a downer (as I was wanting to do one next year) so I am going to console myself by doing GCSE Italian and Russian instead! Certainly not a patch on what I actually want, but I will take those instead.

      I have loved all the MAC eyeshadows that you have swatched, but this one really has stood out, especially in the video you made. It looked amazing when you were wearing it.

      Fi xoxox