Friday, 8 November 2013

Lime Crime - Velvetines & Carousel Gloss : The Perfect Winter Lip?

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It's November and Winter is approaching us at an alarming rate,meaning my hunt for the perfect Christmasy lip is well and truly begun.Ever since Lime Crime released their Velvetines earlier in the year,I was curious as to the staying power and opacity of these highly regarded lip lacquers.

Originally,I didn't plan on pairing the two items I ordered from the brand's website back in September,but once they arrived,it seemed rather obvious to give it a go! Needless to say,the results are quite glamorous indeed and isn't that packaging just adorable?! 

The two products I got were :

  • Lime Crime Velvetines - Red Velvet.

Regarding the Velvetines,I was thoroughly surprised by the incredible staying power.Not only is Red Velvet completely opaque with two coats,but it lasted through an entire meal,including drinks and dessert (cheeky).I love that it doesn't dry my lips out either,rather feeling like a 'second-skin'.Not a trace of bleeding/feathering or transfer in sight.

  • Lime Crime Carousel Gloss - Snowsicle.

The Carousel Gloss is much,much thicker than I imagined it to be,even with the suspended glitter particles in.And be warned,this is an extremely glittery product with tiny chunks of foil.You will need to be fairly liberal with the application to get the glitter to full potential but the gloss itself is quite sticky by this point.This can be good though,since the 'stick' factor will keep the glitter in and make it last longer.It's to be noted that the brush on this gloss can be a little fiddly.

Snowsicle over Red Velvet | Snowsicle | Red Velvet.

Layering the gloss over the top of the Velvetines makes for a kind of 'happy medium'.If your lips are extremely dry,the gloss will keep the Velvetines from sucking the last drops of moisture from them.The glitter is much more visible in a lighter layer over the Red Velvet,meaning a slightly less sticky texture overall.

I really feel that these two lip products really encompass the Christmas/Winter feel - A rich red coupled with a glittery overcoat. 

What makes your perfect Winter lip?

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