Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter Weather Lip Care - The Things I Adore.


So,for me,it's officially Winter.

No,nope,I don't wanna hear about how it only just turned Autumn - it's Winter,goshdarnit! The frost is out,the fluffy bed socks are in and I've been drinking more tea than you can shake a stick at. (I am,of course,English)

As such,my skin has been taking a battering from the sudden change in weather and most notably,my lips.Symptoms including dryness,cracking,chapping and general discomfort.My lips are dry at the best of times but they rarely hurt.These are two of my favourite lip care products for battling the winter chill.


LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub  £5.50 from

It's possibly one of the most raved about products from LUSH. I can see why! This is a great scrub for exfoliating before applying lipstick and (of course) it's a bonus that you can also eat this stuff. It tastes like toffee popcorn and contains fairly large grains of sugar and popping candy which scrub away the dead skin cells. Great for renewing chapped winter lips.

Figs&Rouge Coco Vanilla 100% Organic Balm £5.25 from :

After I've exfoliated using my lip scrub, I like to use a more luxurious lip balm to soothe my skin. This one from Figs and Rouge is particularly creamy and is very smooth to apply. Unlike so many of the other lip balms I own, this one sticks around for hours. It's quite thick and provides great protection from weather while actually hydrating my lips too. 

So these are the two lip products I've been loving for keeping the chap-flakes away!
Let me know what you've been using. :)

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  1. These two products look amazing, think I might have to purchase them asap xxx