Monday, 30 December 2013

Review : Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks. (Re-Formulated Version)

Hey guys.First off I want to apologise for being a bad blogger and completely neglecting to post - I've shockingly only published *one* post this month! So here's a review to get things going again,since I've been a bit mentally stumped as of late.

Rimmel put out the re-formulated versions of their Moisture Renew lipsticks earlier in the year and although I can't speak for the old ones,I simply have to rave about the new kids - they're beyond epic.

I currently own three of the 20-something line up of lipsticks.

  • 180 Vintage Pink - A rich,shabby pink. Reminiscent of an elderly ladies' slippers!

  • 360 As You Want Victoria - Vibrant,cherry pink with hints of a red undertone.

  • 330 Sloane's Plum. - A plum-leaning vampish purple.

Packaging and colour-wise,it's a fabulous line up. The new purple tube adds a touch more fun than the old style and looks pretty neat,sat on the make-up desk. There's also a huge selection of colours to choose from,that really take into consideration the seasonal trend of dark lips (there's four in the collection to note).

By glancing at the swatches alone,it's easy to tell just how gloriously glossy,shiny and pigmented these lipsticks are.What's more they really are moisturising,which is a very rare trait in any lip product.I wore Sloane's Plum in one of my videos and received a comment asking which lip 'gloss' I was wearing! 

L - R : Vintage Pink,As You Want Victoria & Sloane's Plum.
Swatched without a lip primer.

I've really got nothing awfully bad to say about these. Maybe only one notable inconvenience is just how transferable they are,meaning that the wear time is limited to 2 or 3 hours at the most.These can be slightly messy to apply with an unsteady hand or environment (no applying in the car!).

Overall though,I really do love and welcome these lipsticks in my collection.

These are available from Superdrug and Boots for £6.49 each

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  1. beautiful colors! reminds me of fall

    1. Beautiful indeed! They are very reminiscent of fall,you're right. :D

      x ~ x