Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Review & Swatches : Dior Addict's Fluid Stick in Wonderland (575) & Vie D'Enfer (869)

Hey guys - so I'm back with another review. A couple of months back,I visited my local Dior counter and made a blush purchase ( See my video review of Dior's Rosy Glow blush here <3 ). I received a sample of Dior's newest lip products along with my blush. Inside of the sample were four neat little sample pots of Fluid Stick. I immediately fell in love with Wonderland and ran out to get it! 

But one is never enough. Oh no. 

On with the review!


Vie D'Enfer.

As you guys can see,the packaging on these babies is as good as it gets. Gorgeous,sleek and luxurious. The Fluid Sticks *feel* weighted as well,which adds to the overall luxury element. I absolutely adore the teardrop applicator in the lipstick-shaped tubes. They make application a dream,as the tip sort of 'moulds' around the shape of your lips.


Vie D'Enfer.

Wonderland is a hefty pink shade which applies with light - medium opacity.

Vie D'Enfer is a muted terracotta-leaning red with a bitter berry undertone. It applies with medium - full opacity.


Let's talk formula for a moment,cos these are beautiful. I'm seriously in love with how easy they are to apply and their glossy finish. I find that I'm satisfied with Wonderland in one coat,whereas Vie D'Enfer can be slightly patchy on the first try. With another coat though,the problems are solved. Personally,I don't find this to be much of an issue,simply because Vie D'Enfer feels like such a unique shade of red. 

In terms of wear,I can get around 5 hours without any major touch-ups. There's a surprising amount of hydration from these too,which lends itself nicely considering the £26.00 price tag. 

Will you be picking up any of the Dior Fluid Sticks? :)

x ~ x

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