Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review - Eylure Shape&Sculpt Brow Trio (Dark)

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I was browsing (as you do) in Superdrug about a week ago and stumbled upon a new Eylure shelf/display. The display seemed to be primarily brow-taming products. The very first thing that popped out to me was this : The Shape & Sculpt Brow Trio. After swatching the sample palette,I decided on the darkest trio (you can choose from three;light,medium and dark) to match my hair colour. 

It may be worth bearing in mind throughout this review that I don't have any particular brow ailments or scars,so I can't comment on the product's effectiveness in that way.

The packaging design of this product is simple and effective,a classic hinged compact with three square pans,a space for a dual-ended applicator and finally,a mirror in the top. I enjoy the sleek,basic feel of the trio and I like that it doesn't feel cheap,despite being made of plastic. 

The applicator they've provided could be used on the go,though I personally wouldn't be inclined to use it. I find the bristles of the angled end far too rigid,which means it cuts into the wax rather than picking up product. The sponge works fine with the highlight though. If you were truly in a fix,you could use the sponge for all three pans.

L - R

The product in the pans work very nicely for their intended purposes,although they do not appear to swatch as well. The wax is fairly emollient once it's been warmed up with fingertips but the dark powder can seem slightly dry. I'm quite impressed with the powder highlighter they've provided though,which,though still a dryer formula,really brightens up the arch of the brow when applied. The 'lack of' pigment lends itself to anyone with a heavy hand,making it easier to prevent over-the-top application! In order to test this,I took photos (before and after) of my first time using the product -

* First Attempt *


I applied the wax first and filled in with the powder,with highlighter underneath the arch as instructed on the packaging. My brows were set in place all day and did not move until I removed the wax and powders.


Overall I'm happy with this palette,it's easy to use,travel friendly and suits my personal needs. I have a feeling this product will get knocked for it's dry texture in places but for me,this isn't much of an issue. The palette can be found in Superdrug and online at around £9.00.

 Let me know what you think of this palette in a comment below! 
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