Sunday, 2 November 2014

Review : Benefit Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' Holiday Blush Palette.

Okay guys,this may just be the cutest make-up item that I now own - just look at that packaging!

 I must confess that upon learning about this products existence I was thrilled and I think I may have cried a little. It was emotional. How could it be that Benefit Cosmetics had actually released a full palette of every single Box'O'Powder they've made?! It sounds too good to be true,and for the price,even I had to pinch myself a bit (Y'know,just to be sure I wasn't dreaming!)

But here it is,possibly one of Benefit's best ever Holiday sets,the 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' Blush palette.

Within this palette you will receive -

Dandelion - Pale candy pink.
Bella Bamba - Shimmering medium pink.
Sugarbomb - Frosted light peach. (Swirled together)
Hoola - Milk chocolate bronze shade.
Coralista - Light coral with shimmer.
Rockateur - Satin finish dark rose gold.

1.5g sample of Watts Up! cream highlighter.

Each blush comes in a range of servings (from roughly 4.0-6.0g per blush.),which works out to be an actual steal,and good news for bank accounts everywhere when you consider it's £29.50 price tag!

What I love about this first off,other than the packaging,is how each blush/bronzer harkens back to it's original scent. There's nothing worse than receiving a make-up item with an awful smell to it. The palette has that same sweet Box'O Powder fragrance,subtle enough to refrain from being offensive. 

I love the layout of the blush pans and since the box itself is durable tin,I'm pleased that they didn't go overboard with extra packaging just to make it look pretty. The embossed feature on the tin is a very nice touch also. 

Dandelion,Bella Bamba,Coralista,Hoola,Sugarbomb,Rockateur.

I can't vouch for them all being exactly the same as their individual counterparts,but I really love how each blush swatches and looks on the skin. I'm especially excited for Dandelion,which seems like it does a pretty good job of brightening my pale cheeks. Each blush is smooth in texture and blends well on the skin. Wear time between 5-8 hours depending on the blush. 

Included in the set is a miniature Watts Up! highlighter sample and a mini blush brush (usually supplied in every Benefit box powder,in a slightly larger size). The quality of the brush isn't amazing but I'd rather use one of my own brushes anyway. For those lacking other tools,you could certainly give the brush a go! The mini highlighter is a lovely addition to the palette and really rounds off the whole set.

Overall,this set is great quality and plenty of bang for your buck. I cannot recommend it more highly for the upcoming season. I think this would be an awesome holiday gift for any beauty junkie!

Will you be picking up Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot Palette this Christmas?

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