Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Review // Real Techniques Collector's Edition Sculpting Set.

Hi all -

I had planned this post out weeks ago but found myself being lazy with uploading the photos for it,forgive me for it's slowness! I realize this isn't as new and exciting now though I still love these brushes to death!

Personally,I'm a massive fan of Real Techniques as a brand,every brush I have from the Pixiwoo Sisters' brand is both unique and well-balanced. This Collectors Edition is no different. I'm in love with the metallic pink handles,and the comfort of having the black silicone on the end of each brush (Also a great help in preventing scratches on the bottom of the handles). All three brushes feel weighted but not too heavy on the hand. 

There are three different 'styles' of brush in this pack
  • Sculpting Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Setting Brush

The brushes all feature similar bristles to the original synthetic line,which are soft,and easy to wash and dry. 

The Fan Brush is more likened to the Duo-Fiber collection bristles,that RT released a few years back. This makes it perfect for powder applications of all types. I'd say it was definitely better for highlighter and face powder than blush or contour,since it lacks preciseness due to the way the bristles sit. The Sculpting brush was better for contour and blush,contrary to it's sister brush,and was also excellent for liquid and powder foundation. The Setting Brush is a match made it heaven for under-eye powder and accurate blush application (with a darker shade,for example). It's easy to get colour exactly where you want it. 

As a whole,I'm loving this Collectors Edition of brushes from Real Techniques. I believe they're still readily available from most beauty retailers (Superdrug,Boots etc). I bought mine for around £20.99.

Do you have this set? Do you love it?

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

What should I keep in my make-up kit?

A friend of mine messaged me this morning,enquiring as to what she should keep in her standard make-up kit. Raring for the challenge of compiling a list (don't judge,I love making lists. Just me? Thought so.) I narrowed my basics down to a simple,easy to follow list with no specific brands involved. I decided I may as well share it here too!

I chose not to include brands here because quite frankly,nothing works for everyone universally. If you find something that works for you,please do share in a comment!

Here goes. My basic kit list. 

-Foundation in your tone,a darker one aswell if you tan.
-Concealer ( as above)
-Powder,translucent or your tone but no lighter or darker
-Eyeshadow palettes of your choosing,include shades to compliment your eye colour (see the colour wheel for complimentary shades)
-Brow wax and powder OR pencil,& spoolie for shaping them
-Eyeshadow and face primers (I find silicone based the best)
-Liquid liner in black. -Mascaras in black & brown,volumising OR lengthening dependant on your lashes. -Kohl liner in black & brown,can include fun shades for a pop of colour.
-Matte vanilla highlight pigment/powder & shimmery white/pearl highlight pigment/powder (multi-use)

-Bronzer to suit your tone,if desired.
-Lipsticks in a range of shades. -Lip liners,if desired,in a range of shades. -Lip gloss - as above.
-Blushes in a range of colours,one bright pink and medium peach tone at least.
-Lip balms to suit preference and lip condition. 

Brushes & Other Tools

-Foundation buffing brush/sponge applicator (ie: 'Beauty Blender' type product)
-Concealer brush with a dome tip/sponge applicator.
-Fluffy blending brushes. -Dense,packed flat eyeshadow brush. (for shadow and pigment application) -Short smudging brush. -Pencil brush. -Angled liner brushes.
-Tapered powder/blush brush. -Rounded blush brush.
-Fine lip brush. -Fine liner brush.
-Eyelash curlers. -Good quality tweezers.

Hopefully this list is easy enough for anyone to follow. I wanted to make it simple and tangible,but most of all,realistic. Not everyone has the budget for expensive finishing powders or crazy pigment stacks so I left those out of this list. There's plenty of room for improvements and additional products here as well.

Stick by this list though,and it won't do you much wrong!

Sayonara,chums! :)