Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review : Topshop Gloss Ink in Cruel.

Hey guys! Today I'm bringing you a review of a product I am absolutely loving at the moment. It's no surprise to my long-term followers that I love lip products - but this one is unlike anything I've ever used before. 

On with the review! 

Starting off (as we always do.) with packaging. The sleek, black tube is certainly appealing and definitely something I'd be proud to brandish during an evening out. Strangely enough, I actually really like the font they've chosen, along with the reflective coating on the words 'Gloss Ink',plastered on the side. 

On the underside, the colour name is clear and comes with a shade swatch, although this isn't entirely accurate. The applicator is a typical doe foot with a slightly more rounded tip for easy angles. The entire tube itself measures at little more than 8cm, so it's perfect for handbags! 

The product itself is a beauty. It's something I could only describe as a cross between a lip lacquer and a one-coat-wonder gloss stain!

 Application is smooth and opaque on the lips in one coat. Although the formula does feel sticky, it doesn't feel like it's going to move around all over my face. Once the ink is properly set, it won't budge easily. Through eating and drinking, I only had minor touch-ups to add after about 4-5 hours. When removing the gloss ink, there is some noticeable staining and pigmentation. 

What I love about this shade is how comfortable it feels. There's no tightness or major creasing issues,which means happier lips afterwards.

Swatched without lip primer.

So I'll definitely be going to pick some more of these up. Once again, Topshop have exceeded expectations and have gone above and beyond! I've got my eye on a lighter shade in the range, called 'Sugar Rush'.

Will you be picking any of these up? Have you tried them? If so, let me know in a comment! 

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